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The 7 Wonders Of Target

I’m absolutely obsessed with Target. I’ll admit it. I love it an abnormal amount. It’s always there for me and can give me everything I could ever need in life. It will never leave me or let me walk away empty handed.  Needless to say, Target has me wrapped around its little finger. How are we supposed to control ourselves when one store has everything we could ever want, including things we didn’t even know we wanted?! You cannot unleash me in a store with so many fantastic options unsupervised. It never ends well for my bank account.  The “Seven Wonders of Target” get me every single time.

Nail polish Essie is one of the greatest brands ever created. It is also detrimental to my debit card. It doesn’t matter if I was just at Target the day before, which happens often, there will ALWAYS be new nail polish colors that my brain insists I need—and naturally I buy them.

Food I’m not talking about the grocery section. I’m talking about the elitist of the elite Targets. You know, the one with Starbucks built in.  I can’t really think of anything better than strolling around my favorite store with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.


Clothes This really goes without saying. Target has all the clothes I could ever want in life. I can walk in needing one tank top and leave with an armful of sweaters, dresses, leggings. No shame.

Shoes How can you tempt me with every type of pump, flat, boot, and sandal, at such a great price? Especially when they perfectly match the dress in my hand. I’m pretty sure no female has that much self-control.

Decorations I have more adorable picture frames and wall art than I’ll ever know what to do with…besides display them proudly. But do I still keep buying them? Yes, yes I do.

Dollar section You all know what I’m talking about. That small section usually in the front of the store filled with essentially useless items I still convince myself I need.  My dresser is littered with little trinket boxes that I always stumble upon, but at least they’re cute.

Holiday section It doesn’t matter what holiday it is, I will be buying something. Whether its 4th of July, Halloween, or Christmas, I will be leaving the store with some sort of festive item–or three. Especially the Christmas ornaments. At $3 a piece, the miniature tree in my dorm quickly becomes overloaded with adorable ornaments.

It’s safe to say that I rarely venture into Target on my own. There’s strength in numbers, ladies. If you know you need to go, bring some friends with you that can convince you that you don’t need the twenty items in your cart. Good luck, and hold onto your wallets this upcoming holiday season! 

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