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7 Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Really Need To Listen To

My friend Sam, my roomie Lizzie and I were all chillin’ in my dorm on Friday night. The two of them work together in a music store and I love music myself. It’s something the three of us love to bond over, well, that and food– we LOVE food. Anyway, we were all hanging out and listening to music when the idea of an article featuring some pretty obscure artists came up. I asked the two of them to help me come up with some songs to feature and bam! This beautiful baby of an article was born.

1. You and I both lose (but the number 5 wins) byToehider

Genre: Punk/Metal

Description: Poetic lyrics coming with screeching guitars in a demonstration as to why the punk genre will never die.

Via Toehider.bandcamp.com

2. Love Is a Beautiful Thing by Theo Katzman

Genre: Easy Listening

Description: A solemn ballad of unrequited love. Love is a beautiful thing by Theo Katzman perfectly conveys the thoughts of someone caught in the throes of a one-sided writer.

Via Theokatzman.bandcamp.com

3. Molasses by Hiatus Kaiyote

Genre: Neo-Soul

Description: A soulful song in which lead singer Nai Palm goes through the emotional strain of processing a breakup and conveying her feelings into something positive that will leave you swaying with the melody.

Via Genius.com

4. I Say A Little A Little Prayer by Scary Pocket

Genre: R&B/Soul

Description: This song is a new take on a Burt Bacharach classic that leaves you in a serendipitous mood for the rest of your day. Do yourself a favor and loop this one for a couple hours when you’re feeling down.

Via Scarypockets.bandcamp.com

5. You, Dear by Eloise

Genre: Indie Pop

Description: The smooth voice of Eloise brings comfort that’s complimented by the bubbly tones in this song, perfect for a nice cup of coffee or a study sesh with your fellow collegiettes.

Via Genius.com

6. As the Romans Do by Theo Katzman

Genre: Rock and Roll

Description: In a call back to rock and roll artist before him, Theo Katzman’s expert lyricism combines with a kick drum heartbeat to create the adrenaline filled rock ballad that is “As the Romans Do.”

Via Theokatzman.bandcamp.com

7. Fine! by Mal Blum

Genre: Indie

Description: This song is a great mood booster for when you’re feeling kinda down. Mal’s cute lyrics and the song’s fun vibe can turn any frown upside down. Just know you’re gonna be “Fine!”

Via Genius

Whatever genre you prefer, grab your fellow collegiettes and jam out with them to some of these fresh jams!

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