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7 Signs You and Bae Are Past the Honeymoon Phase, As Told By New Girl

1. First date self is replaced with your true self.


2. Tears aren’t hidden anymore and the ugly waterworks have arrived.



3. You’re both comfortable showing your, uhm, messier side.



4. Teasing and sarcasm are finally embraced.



5. You two have inside jokes and nicknames.



6. Arguments pop up, but you know how to solve them.



7. And the best part, you’re both more than a relationship status. You’re best friends.



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Raquel DeSouza

George Mason University

Raquel DeSouza is a local to the DC metro area and a soon-to-be GMU alumna. When she's not writing, she's probably watching reruns of New Girl or scrolling through Pinterest recipes. Twitter: Raquel_NicoleD | Portfolio: https://raquelndesouza.wordpress.com
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