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At this point we all know study breaks are much needed and not easily avoided. The main issue with study breaks is getting distracted for too long and/or getting way too invested whatever that distraction is. Before you know it a study “break” has turned into a full on six hour binge session with no textbooks in sight. While spring does mean finals season it also means new tv line ups. Here are a few shows that make for a nice recess from flash cards and papers without taking you away from reality for too long.

1. 13 Reasons Why

If you haven’t heard all the media and stories about this Netflix Original and want to take a break from your studies, be sure to tune in on the season that has everyone talking. It is a quick 13 episodes too so you won’t feel too guilty for spending some time apart from your books. 

2. Pretty Little Liars

The final season is currently airing, so you will not be tempted to binge watch and avoid your homework. You will be able to watch at a healthy pace, one episode per week. The episodes are just short of an hour, but filled with enough drama to distract you from studying.

3. The Voice

Arguably, this show can be watch while homework is taking place. It doesn’t require you to follow any particular plot and doesn’t even necessarily require you to be looking at the tv. Just enjoy some awesome background music while study away.

4. Young & Hungry

Not only is the show funny, but it will motivate you to finish finals strong to be one step closer to fun times and fancy meals. The episodes are super short, giving you just a quick relaxation break before getting back to the books. The plot is light hearted and doesn’t require much attention; unlike studying the problems are usually solved in 30 minutes max!

5. Say Yes To The Dress (or really anything on TLC before 8pm)

This show is always on. It’s another that doesn’t require too much investment or attention but can still be used as a relaxing break for the brain. Most shows on TLC are good at pulling you in enough to be interested but not forcing you to commit too much emotion or edge of your seat binging. I, personally, like to use shows like Say Yes to The Dress or 90-Day Fiance to remind me what life I want (or don’t want) in the future, and what the result of all of my serious studying will be.

6. Fixer Upper

Sometimes you just need to envision yourself years from now owning a house and deciding whether or not to put in that barn door or not. Fixer Upper is the ultimate feel good if you’re into that kind of thing. Take your mind off of those algorithms and head on to the land of remodeling and revamping.

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