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There is quite literally an app for everything these days, so it can be hard to know what’s worth downloading and taking up storage space on your phone. Here are a few apps that are definitely worth the download for everything from learning a new language, finding your next read, selling old clothes and more! 

1. Planta

If you’re like me, you became a plant parent during quarantine this past year. I discovered the Planta app and it has been the perfect app for making sure my plant babies are well taken care of! The app allows you to add all of your plants along with what room they are in, what kind of sun they get and what kind of pot they are planted in. You’ll get a push notification when your plants need to be taken care of and directions on exactly how to water them. You can also track their health and add photos! I’ve been using the free version but you can also pay for a premium plan and get even more from the app!

2. Forest

If you have trouble focusing on a task or paying attention during classes or meetings, this app is a must-have! The Forest app allows you to set a timer for anywhere from 10 to 120 minutes and grow a tree to add to your forest! If you exit the app before the timer ends, your tree will die. You also earn coins while growing that you can use to unlock new types of trees and plants! This app does cost $1.99 but it’s a one-time fee and has definitely been worth it for me! 

3. Mercari + Poshmark

How many clothing items do you have in your closet that you haven’t touched since high school? Instead of letting them sit around, make an account on Mercari or Poshmark and give your items to a loving new home! I’ve been using both of these apps for a few years and have sold 53 items and made almost 900 dollars! You can then transfer that money directly into your bank account or put it towards purchasing a new item! 

4. Starbucks

If you don’t already have the Starbucks app downloaded, you’re missing out! There are always tons of offers available, like buying a drink today and getting a free drink next week, and you’ll get points that you can put towards rewards later. You can use the app to pay for your purchase at the counter or order ahead, which makes for an easy, touch-free payment during the pandemic. The Starbucks on campus takes the app as well! 

5. Duolingo

Learning new languages is something I’ve always wanted to do but has never come easy to me. However, taking a few minutes out of my day to complete an exercise or two on this app has helped me a lot, both for learning a new language or in assisting me in a language I am learning in class for my degree. Yes, I am kind of scared of the owl BUT this app is super helpful if you can look past his murderous eyes…

6. Libby + Hoopla

During the pandemic, I’ve rediscovered my love for reading but sometimes you don’t want to have to drive to the library or bookstore or wait for a package to come in the mail before diving into your next read. Libby and Hoopla are free apps that you can connect to your library card and get access to hundreds of free audiobooks and ebooks! You can also connect multiple library cards if you have them, which will give you access to more books and allow you to add more holds and checkouts!

I hope you enjoy these apps, collegiettes!

Amanda Snead

George Mason University '21

Amanda is a senior at George Mason where she is majoring in Communication with a concentration in journalism and minoring in women and gender studies. She currently serves as Her Campus George Mason's president and Campus Correspondent. She has previously served as the Editor in Cheif and Senior Editor. Additionally, she worked as a Branded Content Intern for Her Campus nationally as well as a Chapter Advisor. She spends her free time writing articles, perfecting her Animal Crossing island and hanging out with her pets.
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