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5 Tips You Need to Know Before Your First Frat

As the Fall semester starts up and you start to become adjusted to the college environment, you might want to open up and start having a little fun. One popular way to enjoy Friday and Saturday nights are frat parties. Frat parties are definitely a force to be reckoned with. They can turn a innocent night out with friends into a wild and unplanned evening. Here are some essential tips to help you have a great, but safe, night.  

1. Go in a group, stay in a group

Frat parties all start with teamwork. The Buddy System is the key to every night outing. It’s “a cooperative arrangement whereby individuals are teamed up and assume responsibility for one another’s welfare.” So if you go to a frat party, make sure you’re with at least one other person at all times. Doing things like using the Buddy System and partnering up helps promote safety. Safety should be the number one priority, while your second priority is getting lit.

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2. Stay hydrated (with water)

Drinks do catch up to you, whether your chugging or sipping on that doomful red Solo cup liquor. You are most likely going to be in a hot, crowded and small room pressed up against other sweaty individuals. Soon you think your body’s calling out for help, but in reality you just need water. Sometimes frat parties don’t stock sealed water bottles so be sure to grab one to bring with you, along with that lip gloss before you leave! Keep it in your sight at all times!

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3. Have Fun

Enjoying yourself is essential. Escape schoolwork and stressful classes by dancing with your friends to awesome music. Grab your girl gang and get LIT. Make sure to take in your surroundings because there are going to be about a million different things going on, but it will always end in a laugh and maybe even another drink. Ice luge or beer pong, anyone?

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4. Stay reasonable

Recall the actual reason you went, which was to have fun and not to be puking your guts out. A lot of college freshman get ahead of themselves due to peer pressure, over excitement and their first taste of real freedom. They make the mistake of going overboard and that freedom leads to them ending the night in a hospital due to alcohol poisoning. Stay reasonable and know your limits.

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5.Wear your worst shoes

Honestly, don’t even bother trying to dress your shoes up because they will undoubtedly be ruined. After they play Gasolina and any Cardi B song, those cups that were filled to the brim before the song started are now almost empty. You guessed it, fist pumping and twerking have now caused your shoes to become drenched in unknown liquids from the people dancing near you.

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Basically every successful night out at a frat starts and ends with these tips. Going in a group, staying hydrated with water, having fun, staying reasonable and wearing your worst shoes are all essential. Have fun and stay safe, Collegiettes!


*The ideas mentioned in this article are not a reflection of the Her Campus brand. Her Campus George Mason does not condone underage drinking, but understands the stories that come from life on a college campus.*

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