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5 Sustainable Beauty Brands to Add to Your Summer Essentials

Sustainability is something often talked about in the world of fashion and food – but what about beauty? The beauty products you use are likely harmful to the environment thanks to excessive packaging, manufacturing waste and high carbon emissions. Not only that, but they often don’t use clean, natural ingredients, harming your skin in the long run. Here are five sustainable beauty brands to support as you run out of what you already have.

1. Necessaire 

Necessaire is a sustainable beauty brand that uses 85% post-consumer waste boxes and 100% recyclable packaging. They have been certified carbon-neutral since 2019, and donate 1% of all sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental causes. Additionally, they use clean ingredients and dedicate their products to a high standard of clean beauty. Shop Necessaire here

2. cocokind

Cocokind is a young brand dedicated to full transparency in the development, manufacturing and disposal life cycle of a beauty product. They’ve shared a 3-step plan for reducing their carbon footprint, and are currently in the researching and measuring phase. They also have a grant program where they award grants to female entrepreneurs in health, wellness and sustainability industries. Shop cocokind here

3. Love Beauty & Planet

Love Beauty & Planet is an accessible and affordable option for anyone looking to be more eco-friendly in their beauty habits. Love Beauty & Planet is carbon conscious, charging themselves a carbon tax each year that contributes to programs that reduce carbon emissions and waste. They’re also vegan and cruelty free, with naturally derived ingredients. Shop Love Beauty & Planet here

4. Origins

Origins, a skincare, makeup and bath and body brand, is a brand focused on sustainability and clean ingredients. So far, Origins has planted 1,307,847 trees around the world as part of their efforts to maintain carbon consciousness. Additionally, one of their goals is to achieve zero-industrial waste-to-landfill for all global manufacturing and distribution sites by the end of 2021. Shop Origins here.

5. Odele

Another accessible clean beauty brand (found at Target for low prices, for those of us on a budget) is Odele. Dedicated to dermatologist tested, natural ingredients, Odele is great for your hair. It’s also cruelty free and vegan, and has no synthetic fragrances in their formula. Odele is woman-owned and operates out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shop Odele here

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