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2019 has been an amazing year for new music–this past summer has been no exception. Dozens of artists released new music, including Tyler, the Creator, Taylor Swift, and Brockhampton among others. Here are five albums from five different artists that you might’ve missed during the whirlwind of new releases this past summer: 

1. Immunity – Clairo 

Claire Cotrill, known onstage as Clairo, released her second full-length project in August titled Immunity. The album signals a key shift in the artist’s sound from lo-fi, bedroom pop to soft rock; it’s a considerable progression from her EP that was released over a year ago, Diary 001. Immunity is at times upbeat (such as the synth-fueled track “Sofia”) and unhurried at others, but what’s consistent throughout is the intimacy in the stories she tells. 

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2. Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve’s self-titled album is the Phoenix-based rap trio’s first full-length studio album following three mixtapes in the past three years. In an interview with Complex the members Parker Corey, Ritchie with a T and Steppa J. Groggs admitted that they were grappling with a variety of pressures–both personal and industry-related–when they started the project. Despite this, Injury Reserve, is an impressive 13 tracks featuring artists such as Aminé, Rico Nasty, JPEGMAFIA and DRAM, to name just a few. The album’s production and verses are quirky, confident and just plain weird at times. It’s a promise to where the rap genre just might be heading. 

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3. Anak Ko – Jay Som 

Anak Ko (which means “my child” in Tagalog) is the 3rd project released from LA-based artist, Melina Duterte, known onstage as Jay Som. Like her past project, Anak Ko is entirely self-recorded and self-produced, however, this album feels more realized than her past releases. From the punchy beat of “Superbike” to the brooding “Peace Out,” Anak Ko is a dynamic indie-rock album. 

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4. Flamboyant – Dorian Electra 

Texas-born artist Dorian Electra released their first full-length album this past August after a string of singles such as “Career Boy” and “Man to Man.” Their sound is flamboyant (which also happens to be the name of a track on the album) with a heavy dose of pop that resembles the likes of Rina Sawayama and SOPHIE. Dorian Electra pulls no punches on this album–every track is as loud and glittery as the next. Across 11 tracks, they tackle topics of masculinity, vulnerability and expression, while bending the so-called “rules” of music and gender alike. 

Via The Guardian

5. Apollo XXI – Steve Lacy 

Apollo XXI is singer-songwriter, Steve Lacy’s first album since his acclaimed, lo-fi mixtape, Steve Lacy’s Demo, which was made almost entirely on his Iphone when he was just 18. Now, at 21, Steve Lacy–who is also a guitarist for The Internet and has collaborated with artists such as Blood Orange and Kendrick Lamar–demonstrates his growth as a musician on Apollo XXI. The album intersects with several genres–R&B, lo-fi pop, and a bit of funk too. 

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I hope you’ve discovered a new summer favorite in one of these five albums that vary widely in genre. Happy listening, collegiettes! 

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Sarah Mae Dizon is a sophomore at George Mason University majoring in Communication with a minor in Social Justice and Human Rights. She is a proud Filipina-American who, in between cups of coffee, likes to write a thing or two.
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