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I recently discovered a new joy and hobby in baking. I like to blame it on quarantine and the need to feel productive in such a lethargic time but I have always had a big sweet tooth. There is something so satisfying about mixing random ingredients and producing something that is delicious and enjoyed by all. I started off baking simpler desserts to get into the hang of it so here are some simple fall-themed desserts:

1. Cinnamon Apple Cake

This was a family hit the first time I made it and I’ve made it twice since. The balance between apple and cinnamon is incredible and the cake is moister than most I’ve made (because of the yogurt??). It’s super very straightforward but delicious; I definitely recommend.

2. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a fan fave. Simple, yet nostalgic, everyone has tried an amazing chocolate chip cookie. Luckily, because of that simplicity, it’s also easy to add on to it to make something new. Enter pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. This is essentially adding some pumpkin puree and spices to your favorite cookie recipe but it sounds (and looks) amazing.

3. Banana Bread

This is one of my favorite things to bake (probably because we always have bananas at home)! I’ve experimented with different recipes before I stumbled onto Chrissy Teigen’s and it blows my mind every single time. She knows what she’s doing and her banana bread recipe is insanely delicious. It requires a few more ingredients than a typical banana bread, but it is so worth it.

4. Skillet Apple Pie

Skillet desserts are intriguing. More unconventional than a typical baking pan but the results speak for themselves. Golden edges and a soft center, skillet desserts are fun and easy to bake. This recipe uses pre-made pie crusts so it is great for beginners. Apple pie is an amazing fall treat so shake things up and try the skillet version.

5. No-Bake Oreo and Pumpkin Cheesecake Parfait

Do you ever hear the name of a dessert and it sounds too good to be true? Not this time. No-bake desserts are perfect for those that are scared to start baking but still want to make something fun and yummy. This is a super easy recipe that combines two of my favorite things!

Have fun baking, collegiettes!

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