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5 Signs You’ve Been Gone From Florida Too Long

As a student here at Mason, I am quite far from my home of Orlando, Florida. Twelve hours by car, without traffic, to be exact. While I technically didn’t fully leave the south, Virginia has been a totally different place. However, as I near the middle of my junior year, I have began to notice a numbing to some of the things I thought good ole VA was missing or perhaps a change in the staunch differences I once experienced on a daily basis.

1. Humidity… it’s all the same

I used to hear people complain about the terrible humidity here in Fairfax… I would laugh coming from Florida where humidity could normally be 90% or higher any day. Three years later, I am now one of those people complaining about the horrible humidity. The sweet relief I once felt up here in the “north” is now gone.

2. What even are sandals?

As a Floridian, I owned a ridiculous amount of open toed shoes. These went to waste starting my freshman year as I quickly realized the reality of sandals year round was not considerably practical. Now, as I look into my closet, my sandal collection is practically nonexistent, but replaced by more boots than anyone would need in their lifetime.

3. Leaving behind those Florida rooted chains

There are still days I wish I could drive up the road and hit up Tijuana Flats a favorite Florida based Mexican chain or have a late night meal at another personal love, Steak n Shake, a nicer late night burger and milkshake joint. While these have grown few and far between, I have come to find solace in Fairfax delicacies like CAVA and Bernie’s Delicatessen.

4. No more snow-xcitement

My freshman year at Mason I was SO excited for the first snow of the year. I hadn’t played in snow since I was super young so I was really welcoming it with open arms. Now, as I have lived through Snowmaggedon 2016 last winter, and was unable to drive my car for two weeks, I am 100% not looking forward to the snow again. No more snow angels, snowmen, and snowball fights for me—I’m staying inside.


The change of seasons is not a thing in Florida. It’s either hot and humid, raining, or a little chilly. There is nothing like seeing the change of leaves in the fall, a slight sprinkle of snow, and the beauty of a rain shower to welcome the spring. I can get tired of some of my favorite restaurants, snow storms, and my extensive sandal collection, but one thing I that will never change or leave me is the love of all things autumn given to me by good ole Virginia.

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