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By: Mackenzie Nelson

Our friends always do things that may irritate us from time to time, but there are people in the world that you are better without. Here are a few signs that they may be a toxic friend that you need to drop ASAP!

1. They criticize everything you do

Via Giphy

It could be anything from what you chose to wear that day to what you ate for lunch, but they always find a way to question and criticize everything.

2. They find a way to make everything about them

Via Giphy

You could come to them with a problem and they’ll find a way to turn the conversation around.

3. You are constantly the butt-end of a joke

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You could tell them to stop over and over again but they could care less about your feelings.

4. They LOVE to gossip about everyone (including you)

Via Giphy

They live for drama. It follows them everywhere they go.

5. They are constantly dissatisfied and unhappy about everything

Via Giphy

You feel that their pessimism is overwhelming to be around all the time.

Do not let their negativity affect you and just drop them. Their “friendship” is not worth your happiness and self-esteem. Focus on you and werk Collegiettes!Via Giphy


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