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5 Reasons Why Dating Apps Are Exhausting

While dating apps can be fun and exciting at first, there are certain people on them that just ruin the experience. If you’re like me, then you know what it’s like to delete or turn off your profile and turn it back on or download the app again in a couple of days. And I don’t blame you. There are certain people on the app that have me constantly shaking my head. Here are five reasons why I’m exhausted with dating apps.

1. Swiping right without reading someone’s bio

My biggest pet peeve is when I clearly state that I am looking for a relationship and a guy messages me to ask if I want to get laid. They assume that my pictures look like I’m asking for it. It’s especially frustrating when this happens because it’s hella offensive and disrespectful. When someone asks you a question about something that you clearly have answered on your profile, I’d advise you to swipe left. A good way to see if someone is reading your bio is to ask a question so that they could answer it when they reply.

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2. Getting pictures we didn’t ask for

If we didn’t hint at it, chances are we didn’t want to see anything either. I’ve had a lot of friends tell me that they are done with dating apps because they constantly get asked if they want to see a dick. What’s even worse is when one is sent without any warning. Not only is this low key sexual harassment, but also makes us want to delete our accounts. If I had a dollar for everytime I got a message that said “Hey, what are you up to tonight ;),” I’d be probably wouldn’t need to work a job right now.

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3. Profiles with people blowing out smoke and trying to sell drugs

I speak from experience when I said that people use Tinder to sell drugs. Tinder is a dating app. If you have a picture on your profile where you’re blowing out smoke, I’m going to think that you’re promoting smoking because you think it’s cool. I, for one, do not get excited when I see pictures or video loops with people blowing out smoke because smoking is not something I am enthusiastic about and it doesn’t make me go – “Oh, they’re a total catch!”. Guns are another big no. Not only do they make me uncomfortable, but they also make me instantly swipe left.

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4. Matching people and having them never respond

We’ve all seen those great tinder profiles and bios that we connect with. While dating apps like Bumble let us make the first move when we match with someone, dating apps like Tinder allow anyone to start a conversation. Have you ever had a great conversation with someone and then they just stop replying out of nowhere? Or better yet, try having a conversation with someone that you matched with and never having them reply to begin with? After talking to a number of people about this, I realised that people only have about half of their matches reply to them.

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5.  It feels like most guys aren’t looking for an emotional connection online

Most of the time, it feels like no one is looking to for a relationship or to date on dating apps. Everyone tells me that Tinder is just people looking to hook up. Unfortunately, it feels like that most of the time. No matter how great a conversation is going, there’s always a point where it starts to seem like they are just looking for a friend to sleep around with. Kudos to the people who have successful relationships after meeting someone on Tinder. Sometimes I feel like that’s almost impossible and there’s a one in a million chance it will happen. Most people on dating apps also say that they don’t know what they’re looking for, which makes it harder for people who know that they’re looking to date.

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Dating apps can be tiresome and they make us almost want to give up on finding the perfect someone. So whether you’re looking to find Mr./Mrs. Right or just dipping your feet into the dating world, you’ll always have interesting dating app stories to tell at the end of the day.

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