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With the new season approaching, you may be in need of new songs in your rotation. These newer, budding artists are the perfect remedy to any music slump you might find yourself in. Here are 5 new singles to spice up your playlist!

1.  “Simple” – Jay Som

Singer, songwriter and musician Melina Duterte, known onstage under the alias Jay Som, sings softly over a gentle guitar on “Simple.” It’s more delicate, more mellow in comparison to the rest of the Bay Area native’s work. Still, her flare on this track is unmistakable. “I’ll figure it out for you,” she promises in the first verse. “For you, for you, for you,” she continues in the chorus; her voice is like a haze on this already dreamlike track.


2. “Cannonball” – Dijon

Dijon delivers the warmth of summer on his single, “Cannonball.” The nostalgia-fuelled track was released before the Maryland-based artist’s newest mini-album, Sci-Fi 1. “Outstretched on the wet grass,” Dijon’s voice, which drips with longing, is central to this song, “it’s obvious I want you bad.” You’ll want to save “Cannonball” for your next summer playlist.

Via The Fader

3. “Bubble Gum” – Clairo

“Sorry I didn’t kiss you,” Clairo, the Massachusetts-born bedroom pop sensation, apologizes over a muted ukulele, “But it’s obvious I wanted to.” The track is for the trepidation we might feel to express our love for a new partner. She also addresses the anxiety of someone not reciprocating your feelings for them. Meanwhile, her voice, tender and saccharine, meanders along on this simple song.

Via The Grammys

4. “+” – VICTOR!

“+” finds overlap with Clairo’s “Bubblegum” as 17-year old, Chicago-based artist VICTOR! sings of the anxieties that accompany falling in love. “Wanna keep you till the sun goes down and more,” VICTOR! expresses vulnerability alongside a strumming guitar; with his stacked vocals, the insecurities and doubts he admits to harboring are brought to the forefront of the song. “+” was released in anticipation for his upcoming EP, “Placers”

Via City Of

5. “Easy” – Claud

Claud, another bedroom pop artist (formerly known as Toast), sings to a catchy, upbeat tune. “Easy” was released on the heels of a similarly upbeat, 80s-inspired track, “Never Meant to Call.” “You know you called me at the right time,” on “Easy,” they navigate the excitement and uncertainties of seeing someone new, “I never thought that I’d be your type.”

Via High Clouds

Happy listening, collegiettes!

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Sarah Mae Dizon is a sophomore at George Mason University majoring in Communication with a minor in Social Justice and Human Rights. She is a proud Filipina-American who, in between cups of coffee, likes to write a thing or two.
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