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Switching up an aesthetic is like a mental reset for me. Sometimes it’s an illusion of control over the chaos that is the college experience, and during these times it might be just what we need. Now that we spend most of our days within the four walls of our bedrooms, it's important to make it as comfortable and engaging as we can. Here are some bedroom aesthetics to ring in the new year!

1. The Tapestry Chamber

Known primarily as a dorm room staple, tapestries have an untapped source of potential. Whether they stoop from your ceiling, cover every wall of your bedroom or even stand alone as a statement piece, tapestries express character. They add texture over an otherwise empty wall space and can be used to display a variety of interests. From a giant mandala to a tarot card, tapestries are worth a try.

2. The Foliage Quarter

Something about living among plants makes me feel like Tarzan’s Jane. Not only would the air in your space be crisper than leaves in autumn, but it would also add a homey feel to every room. The color green has been proven to boost productivity and creative thinking, so if your bedroom is also a workspace, adding a few plants may spruce it up. Green foliage, specifically, pops well against gold, white, black, and grey tones. Plants can be seamlessly incorporated into a minimalistic, contemporary or boho theme. 

3. The Nook of Neutrals

Neutral tones are always fun to play with and may be used to manipulate a variety of spaces. If you’re looking for a more glamorous feel, textures play a huge role in the overall feel of a room. Add a coffee-colored leather chair or a gray upholstered headboard and your room can be dressed up or down as you like. Neutral tones can be used to emphasize a minimalistic theme and add a sense of comfort to any space.

4. The Minimalist Mosaic

Minimalism is one of the trickiest aesthetics to implement and is often tweaked to suit each person’s need. It requires a completely decluttered space, consistent color choices and very carefully chosen wall decor. Minimalism embodies elegance, simplicity, and definitely adds a twinge of professionalism to any workspace. One of the most difficult aspects of minimalism and maintaining the aesthetic is keeping a consistently clean space at all times.

5. The Color Corner

If minimalism is too subtle for you, the true opposite is an explosion of color. Adding different colors to pieces of furniture, walls and decor, adds excitement and exuberance to a room, especially a smaller one. Color one of the most perfect ways to express personality, because your cognitive processes may subconsciously influence the theme. Adding splashes of color to a workspace can boost creativity and energy as well.

Whatever aesthetic you chose to start off the new year, make sure to incorporate your personality and character into your bedroom. With all the time we spend at home, it’s essential for your mental sanity to have a space just for you. Happy decorating!

Rajshri Dakshinamoorthy

George Mason University '22

Hello! My name is Rajshri Dakshinamoorthy and I am majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Forensic Psychology. I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, baking, drawing mandalas, and trying new foods. I hope to one day work toward furthering research on neurodegenerative diseases or criminal profiling and maybe learn to fly a plane along the way.
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