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4 Reasons You Should Go Through Spring Recruitment

As the spring semester is about to kick-off, so is spring recruitment. Now is the time to join a Greek organization and find your home away from home!

1. You gain an amazing sisterhood

When you join a sorority, you truly find a family. A sister of Gamma Phi Beta joined during spring recruitment last year and shares what it’s like to be in Greek life. “The best part of being a member of a Greek organization is the fact that you’re aspiring to something higher with women that want to do the same. There’s also no better feeling than bonding with compassionate women while serving others and helping within the community.”  Sisters take pride in their organizations philanthropy. They will gladly tell you what the charity is all about and how they get involved with it whether it’s through fun activities like “Pie a Pi Phi” or sports tournaments. 

Holly Rhue, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, says “It helps to know things like a sorority’s core values and their philanthropic involvement so you know what questions you’ll want to ask when you’re actually meeting sisters!” Rachel Bennett of Alpha Phi also joined during spring recruitment. “My favorite part of Greek life so far is having so many sisters by my side no matter what,” she says. “I love the support that they give me whether I’m having a hard time or not.”

2. The Greek community supports you academically

There are always sisters looking to study together in the Johnson Center. The second floor of the JC is unofficially dubbed “Greek Row” where members of all organizations gather to study in groups.

Katherine Quigley, a sister of Pi Beta Phi, accredited the Greek community to motivating her in school. “Within my first semester my GPA actually went up, and I made it on Dean’s List! It was incredible to see how the support of my sisters made me want to study. When it’s fun, it makes spending all that time in Fenwick worth it!” Many chapters have required study hours they log on their phones to keep sisters accountable and motivated. 

Being part of the Greek community also offers you greater access to scholarships and grants to help support your education. It’s a stereotype that most sorority girls only like to party. Not only are members held to high standards for their GPA, but each organization offers resources to ensure their members success. For example, Pi Beta Phi recently opened up their textbook exchange page to the entire Panhellenic community for sisters in all sororities to buy and sell books. Who doesn’t love a great deal?

3. Spring recruitment is more informal and relaxed

Spring recruitment is set up a bit differently than formal fall recruitment. Not all sororities participate in spring recruitment and each organization chooses when they hold their own recruitment events.

Angie Livingston, a sister of Gamma Phi Beta, shares her favorite part of the spring process. “Everyone wanted to hang out, and it was really nice to know that so many people wanted to get to know me.”

During formal recruitment in the fall, approximately four hundred other girls are going through the process and you end up with a pledge class of nearly forty girls. Spring recruitment means you have a closer bond with a pledge class of only ten to twelve other girls.

4. Decide if Greek life is really for you

Recruitment is the time to experience Greek life without the commitment. Gillian Clarke, a sister of Gamma Phi Beta and a Panhellenic officer says, “It’s okay to wait. Be yourself. GO FOR IT. I waited until spring because fall was overwhelming to me. I just got to Mason and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to dip my toes into. When going through recruitment, always be yourself. That’s when you’re at the best you can be. And overall just put yourself out there. Give 100%, even if you’re scared and nervous! Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We are just as nervous as you are!” 

Rhue added in that spring recruitment was one of her best decisions and her favorite part of Greek life. “I’m constantly surrounded by amazing people that support me in all of my endeavors, and encourage me to be kind and courageous!”  

Try to avoid the preconceived ideas you may have of an organization and keep it from clouding your judgement. Every sorority has something unique to offer, trust the recruitment system and you will surely find the home that’s right for you.

Interested in going through spring recruitment?

Attend the info session on January 30 from 6-8 PM in the HUB Front Ballroom or sign up for recruitment through Get Connected.

Contact Carrie at gmupanhellenicvprecruitment@gmail.com if you have any other questions. 

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