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4 Budget-Friendly Spring Break Alternatives

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

Spring break is quickly approaching while most of us have yet to adjust to this year’s version of winter. Each day a new friend is buying a plane ticket or arranging their beach house groups. Sightseeing abroad and spending the whole week on the beach just isn’t in the cards for all of us but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to still enjoy spring break 2017. This is a time to relax and kick back, so here are a few ideas so that you don’t have to stress about having plans.

1. Have a cookout

Get together a group of friends and throw a good old fashioned barbeque or cookout. Choose a day with nice weather, fire up the grill and stock a cooler full of drinks to host the perfect backyard bash. To make things even more affordable, have your guests bring their own dish to share.

2. Visit a waterpark

So you don’t have enough cash saved up or enough time off of work to stay at the hottest beach for a few days; instead take a day trip to the closest waterpark. You can even venture a little further to Massanutten, which is always a family favorite. We all know, it’s not really spring break without some water!  

3. Take a hike

Even if you have to stay in the area, there is plenty to do outdoors. Enjoy the extra empty space thanks to everyone else being out of town and go explore the trails of Great FallsMason Neck, Scotts Run or other close by trails. Most of these beauties are free or fairly cheap to visit as well!  

4. Take on DC

You can never really get enough of DC, because you’ve never truly seen it all. There are always new restaurants to try, museums to revisit, shopping sprees to be had, and days and nights to be remembered. The city bikes are a great way to go sightseeing around DC for a low cost and a great workout! The District of Columbia is a gem that is so close by that it oftentimes gets overlooked. Also, taking the metro will save you money on parking and gas (and save you the stress of trying to keep up with DC drivers).

Spring break 2017 may not be earning you any new pages in your passport but there is still plenty of opportunity for fun, good weather, new adventures and good company.

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