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3 Perks of Being the Baby of the Friend Group

You know that moment when you’re with a group of people and suddenly you have a revelation that puts you in your own world? Last week, I was eating dinner with my closest friends and I had one of those moments. My friends all began talking about how the “real world” was approaching fast since they only have about a year and a half of school left. One of my friends turned to me for my input which is when I realized that I was a year younger than every one of my friends. While a year is such a small age gap, when all my friends graduate, I’ll be the one in the stands cheering like a proud mom when I still have a year of school left. Yes, being the youngest of your friends does have plenty of cons- you have to go home early from 21st birthday celebrations because you can’t get into bars, you can’t coordinate graduation brunches with anyone, and you’ll literally always be known as the “baby”. Yet, there are some perks with being the youngest!



1. One more year to push off adult responsibilities

Many say that one you graduate college, the real world begins. While all your friends have to start worrying about finding a job, you can still enjoy your last year of late night dining halls, free gym memberships, and minimal (kind of) responsibilities.

2. Connections, connections, connections

Since I’m a Communications major, my career mainly depends on networking. While some people disagree with the fact that networking can sometime make or break a person’s chance of getting a job. Some of my friends that are Communications majors have already helped me get interviews for internships and meet more people in the industry.

3. Everything that you could possibly mess up in college; they’ve already been there

Failed a test? Ran out of food in your apartment? Wrote down the wrong date to register for classes? Being the youngest means that you can always go to someone for advice because chances are, they’ve probably done the same mistake that you have. Twice.

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I am a freshman student at Mason coming all the way from Destin, FL. I am currently majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. 
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