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Taking care of plants can seem like a daunting task if you’ve had a history of being a bad plant parent. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me? I began my plant mom journey last spring and have continued to garden despite many of my plants not making it easy on me. Instead of giving up entirely, I decided to pick a few houseplants that would be easy to tend to, and here are my favorites resulting from personal trial and error.

1. Aloe

Although aloe is one of my favorites for selfish reasons, it is one of the easiest succulents to take care of. As someone who burns in the sun very quickly after being exposed, I love that aloe is not only pretty to look at but can also provide relief for minor burns and rashes. When growing aloe inside, make sure to place it inside of a terracotta pot with enough well-drained dirt that it won’t tip over. Aloe thrives in sunny, bright places and needs water on a bi-weekly basis. If the aloe begins to produce brown leaves or starts to look limp, then dial back on how much water you’re providing it.

2. hoya

A Hoya is a tropical plant usually found in countries in Asia or Australia. Although this houseplant is a vine, it’s not fast-growing and is among the most tolerable. Hoyas are not only known for their smooth, shiny foliage, but they also produce pink or white star-shaped flowers with white centers. This plant cannot take harsh sunlight, so placing it in a spot that receives indirect light is perfect for ensuring it grows properly. These plants thrive in humid conditions, so potting soil with good air circulation every two years and watering regularly with room temperature water is important. 

3. Christmas cactus

This houseplant is one of my favorites because it thrives during my favorite season: winter. A Christmas Cactus will bloom longer when exposed to only cool temperatures but tends to bloom from early winter to mid-winter. This plant requires moderate care such as keeping the soil slightly moist and applying a mild fertilizer solution biweekly. Christmas cactus can produce beautiful colored flowers such as pink, red, scarlet, orange, gold, cream and white.

The good thing about gardening is that there are so many options available specific to any individual at any experience level. Although I am a beginner myself, the plants I have provided are ones that I know are easy and look great in any room. Through personal trial and error, you can find some that are just as easy for you and expand on your current gardening knowledge! Tending to plants is not only a fun and easy pastime, but allows you to grow something from its beginning to maturity. As summer rolls around the corner, be sure to invest in a few plants that thrive during the warmer weather and bright sunshine!

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