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10 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

As the weather gets colder and we switch from iced drinks to hot drinks, we know that fall is here! The leaves aren’t the only things that are changing. It’s time to back pack our summer outfits and replace them with our favorite sweaters and cozy long sleeves. If I could describe fall fashion in two words it would be: comfy chic. Here are 10 must haves for this years fall fashion.

1. Big Sweaters

 Not too hot a t-shirt or too cold for a heavy jacket, so the big sweaters are the perfect in between for the fall weather. It’s easy to dress up or down with the use of a big sweater.

Photo: http://lexwhatwear.com/big-sweater-weather/

2. Red Lips 

Even with a causal outfit the red lipstick adds a pop to your look where you can get an effortlessly chic look.

Photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/165648092523246322/

3. Chokers 

This new trend has increased exponentially over the past few months. With a chocker you can wear a simple t-shirt but add an extra level of style without even trying.

Photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/Ado8m4D3At7wtOkGYV192bq_g9NQp-R6ibY3hv2PYxW5b9h-T2FyZGk/

4. White Sneakers

 Again, this was a trend that has grown in Europe and is slowly making its way to the States. The use of white shoes under dark toned clothes, not only pops, but also adds a fresh clean look.

Photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/471048442255956010/

5. Booties 

A fall classic that never goes out of style are of course, boots and booties. Every outfit works flawless with a fair of boots. They add a level of comfort yet style while looking extra cute.

Photo: http://www.brightontheday.com/28109/grey-jeans-outfit

6. Big Scarves 

Scarves have always been in, but this trend is about big, thick scarves that hang around your neck to protect you from the cold but also make you look amazingly chic doing so.

Photo: https://kaysfairytale.wordpress.com/tag/big-scarf/

7. Neutral Colors

The best colors to stick to in the fall are of course your creams, browns, burgundies, blacks and whites. With these colors you will match the season but also mellow our mood.

Photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/5629568257943849/

8. Bomber Jackets

This revival of old trends with the bomber jacket proves something’s are just always fashionable. This top topic will let people know you mean business while being cute too.

Photo: https://www.missguidedus.com/puffa-jacket-rib-collar-bomber-khaki

9. Trench Coats 

Something that will never go out of style is another favorite of ours, trench coats. Pairing an outfit with a trench coat adds instant class and sophistication to your look. A must have in every wardrobe.

Photo: http://www.feedpuzzle.com/feed/good-looking/

10. Cute Umbrella

The season of unpredictable weather means it’s important to always carry an umbrella at hand. You never know when it’ll rain so protect your cute fall outfits with an as equally cute umbrella.

Photo: http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/post/32397243940/what-i-wore-rainy-day

These fashion guidelines will make sure you look good without compromising your health with the changing weather, but also make you feel confident and beautiful. With these 10 fashion tips, you’ll be well on your way to looking like a fall fashion queen. Don’t forget to pair each outfit with a smile!

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