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10 Artists You Should Add to Your Next Playlist

Fall semester has officially begun and is in full effect! What better way to get started than having a bomb playlist to get ready to. I hope to spark your playlist-making with songs that you can start and end your long day of being a college student. Down below, I have 10 various artists that are straight gems, and should without a doubt have you set this fall semester. 

1. Jay-Z

First up we have none other than the incredibly talented Shawn Carter better known as Jay-Z. This rap artist is perfect for just about every emotion you can think of. College takes a lot of ambition and hustle, mentally and physically. There’s no question that Jay-Z will amp you up for a long week of classes. For feeling inspired, ready to get sh*t done or even dealing with those low times, Jay-Z is definitely a go-to listen.

Song recommendations: “Takeover,” “U Don’t Know,” “American Dreamin’,” “Legacy,” “Already Home”

2. Miguel

Into alternative, rock and R&B music? Then Miguel is your artist! He has the right amount of edge and sensuality to his music that will leave you wanting more. Miguel is truly one of those artists that makes you feel good every time you listen. 

Song recommendations: “Thinking Out Loud,” “Goingtohell,” “face the sun,” “The Valley,” “Banana Clip,” “Gravity”

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3. Snoh aalegra

If you’re an old soul, this is just for you. Snoh Aalegra is an incredibly talented R&B singer/songwriter who does an amazing job executing love songs. Snoh’s writing is immaculate and she has one of the most soothing voices you’ll ever hear. I highly suggest listening to her whole discography, there’s not a single skip starting with her mini album title “Don’t Explain.”

Song recommendations: “Feels,” “Njoy,” “Worse,” “Home,” “Toronto”

4. rihanna

The Pop/R&B singer Bad Gyal RiRi is another artist that makes you feel straight bada**. Walking to class while listening to Rihanna will transform your campus into your own imaginary runway. Rihanna exudes sex appeal and confidence and can be heard clearly through her music. 

Song recommendations: “No Love Allowed,” “Rehab,” “Diamonds,” “Yeah, I Said It,” “Desperado”

5. beyoncé

The icon herself, Queen B, does not need much of an introduction when her name speaks for itself. Beyonce is a musical genius from her writing to her visuals. Beyonce has dabbled in various different genres of music, it simply depends on which Yoncé you’re in the mood for. Beyonce is a must-add to your next playlist and a perfect way to start your day before class.

Song recommendations: “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” “XO’”, “Partition,” “All Night,” “Hip Hop Star”

6. nicki minaj

Often called the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj will definitely set your morning routine off to a good start. There is nothing like getting ready to a Nicki Minaj song. Not only are Minaj’s albums amazing, but her features are undeniably gold. Any remix with Nicki Minaj as the feature instantly becomes the original from that point on.

Song recommendations: “Itty Bitty Piggy,” “Did It On’em,” “Thought I Knew You,” “Barbie Dreams,” “Yikes”

7. majid jordan

The R&B duo Majid Jordan sets the tone for car rides and has some of the best songs to study to. I highly suggest adding this duo to your next playlist ASAP!

Song recommendations: “Her,” “Day and Night,” “A Place Like This,” “Pacifico,” “Warm”

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8. willow

Willow Smith is another gem known for her alternative/rock music. This past year, Willow debuted a rock album titled “lately I feel EVERYTHING.” Willow has been consistent with her rockstar energy throughout her career. If you thought “Whip My Hair” was fire, try listening to her hit single “Transparent Soul” from her new album. 

Recommended Songs: “Warm Honey,” “Time Machine,” “Pretty Girlz,” “Female Energy, Pt.2,” “naïve”

9. masego

This artist specializes in R&B/ jazz music, which is a perfect match for those old souls like myself. Masego’s music is quite soulful and warm, making the perfect songs to study to. Masego also plays his own instruments such as the saxophone, keyboard and drums.

Song recommendations: “Lady, Lady,” “Tadow,” “I Had a Vision,” “Just a Little,” “Queen Tings”

10. stevie wonder

A must-add legend to your playlist is Stevie Wonder. Specializing in R&B and Soul music, Wonder has composed some of the most beautiful feel-good/love songs of all time. This singer/ songwriter has been influential to so many artists and will remain one of those artists that the world will never get tired of. Want to feel like you’re floating on clouds as you walk to your next class? Stevie Wonder is your go-to.

Song recommendations: “Overjoyed,” “Power Flower,” “Lately,” “U and I,” “My Cherie Amour” 

Good luck, collegiettes on your fall semester. Music is a gift that keeps giving, so hopefully I introduced you to some new tunes.

Jalyn Green

George Mason University '22

Jalyn Green is a junior at George Mason University currently studying Communication with a minor in Film. She is a Philly native who enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is also very passionate about music and fashion and hopes to become a creative director in the future.
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