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Soundtrack to the Semester: Playlists for The Ultimate College Experience

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Welcome back, collegiates! Whether this is your first time on the green or your last hurrah, it’s safe to say that this has been an interesting year for us all. Depending on your school policy (or personal choice,) you’ve been able to step foot on campus for the first time in a long time. What better way to ring in the occasion with some good music? Here are some playlists curated for many of your college experiences.

Study time

You’ve probably listened to the chillhop live streams on YouTube more times than you could possibly count. What if, though, there were more options than beats with crinkling white noise and old movie quotes sprinkled in between? Listen to this playlist curated perfectly for tuning out the world and buckling down on your work.

Hard in the gym

For whatever reason you choose to hit the gym, motivation is key. If putting in your earbuds to get your workout on is part of your routine, this is for you. From strutting on the treadmill as if you’re on the runway to winding down, this playlist will mark your workout from beginning to end.

Self love is the best love

While campus is buzzing with new faces (and attractive ones, at that,) don’t forget what you came for! Of course, college boos will come and go, but at the end of the day, you’ve gotta have your own back. Even if romance isn’t on your mind, love from within definitely should be. Here are some songs to reinforce just that.

Party hard

Let’s be real. With all that hard work you’ve been putting in, it’s time to play! You and your girls are heading out for the night, and you need music that’ll get you right from the pregame to the uber ride home (or wherever you choose to go for a nightcap.) Let these songs guide the way!

I’m Grown!

Adulting has probably hit you like a ton of bricks, and if it hasn’t, it definitely will. While maneuvering this crazy thing we call life, it’s important to remember who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going. Your college experience, whether it’s beginning or ending, is what you make it. These songs will serve a reminder to not fear and know that you’re on the right path in your academic journey.

Whatever experiences come your way, college is about maneuvering through the world as easily as you can. Make choices that you know that you are capable of making and handle the consequences as they come. A new semester marks a fresh start and a chance to define your academic, social, and personal success. Cheers to a new year!

Amariyah Callender is a 20-year-old journalist from Decatur, Georgia. She is currently studying Journalism and Emerging Media at Kennesaw State University. She has been in the journalism field for the past seven years, writing for local media platforms such as VOX ATL and Lotus Rosery. With a passion for music and lifestyle, Callender doesn't shy away from media buzz, the next big artist, or what's going on in the music scene in the Metro-Atlanta area. She also enjoys writing about her own personal experiences and how they have shaped her life as it is today. Read her latest article here!
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