Zodiac Signs as Ariana Grande’s Newest Album



It just so happens that Ariana Grande’s newest album thank u, next has exactly 12 songs and there are exactly 12 zodiac signs! Therefore, I am absolutely obligated to tell the people which Ariana Grande song is for them based off of their zodiac sign. Did I get yours right?


Capricorn - “imagine”

You’re straightforward, loyal and wish things could be more simple! You just want a person to love you and be there for you. More than that, you want to just love someone and be there for them! Keep your head up because if you don’t already have that, it’s on its way.



Aquarius - “make up”

You’re eccentric and frankly confusing sometimes! You’re also innovative, and it’s pretty creative all of the different ways Ariana Grande uses the words “make up” in this song. It makes the song just like you (eccentric, confusing, innovative and all around awesome)!



Pisces - “needy”

Pisces can’t function alone; there I said it! However, this song is perfect for you because of the line “Tell me how good it feels to be needed.” Even though Pisces are needy, they make their friends, family and partners feel needed and appreciated!



Aries - “NASA”

Aries are independent and brave enough to tell you that they are a star that needs space. They are so bright that you will still be thinking about them even when they are away!



Taurus - “bad idea”

You know that you’re a pleasure seeker, which is valid! However, it also makes you most likely to have a “bad idea.” This song is for you Taurus, blast it while planning your next “bad idea!”


Gemini - “fake smile”

You get called two-faced a lot, but I know that those two faces are often the mask you wear and how you’re really feeling. This song is you because “F*ck a fake smile.” It’s okay to not put on that front to the world! You don’t always have to be okay, and that’s okay.



Cancer - “7 rings”

You’re very friend orientated. Having a group of all-star friends is ten times more important to you than having one significant other! I think that everyone needs a friend who is a Cancer because they make fantastic besties!



Leo - “thank u, next”

You should not be surprised by this! You are popular, prideful and most likely to have a line of people waiting for you. Don’t forget to have a relationship with yourself too, though! You know and love how it feels to be admired by others, but don’t forget to admire yourself too.



Virgo - “in my head”

Virgos are clever and successful. You can make or break anyone! Never mess with a Virgo, because they can destroy you just as fast as they made you, and then they will surpass you in the blink of an eye!



Libra - “bloodline”

Libra’s have complicated love lives. They are irresistible, but also indecisive which makes them accidentally lead others on. Own that! You are awesome, just make sure to tell someone when you don’t want them in your bloodline. I suggest doing that by sending that person this song!



Scorpio - “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”

I did not pick this song because of the stereotype that people have of Scorpios. I picked this song because it’s a total bop! It’s confident, seductive and powerful which are the better (and more true) stereotypes of Scorpios. So, next time someone assumes you suck because you’re a Scorpio, keep walking because they are just jealous!



Sagittarius - “ghostin”

You got “A whole lot of baggage” which is why this song is for you! You have a hard time being sensitive, but you should just feel it sometimes. Rather than putting on a cold front, be open and let yourself feel.



No matter what song matches your sign, they are all hits worthy of a couple listens. So turn it up and rock out!


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