What It’s Like To Live With Your Seven Best Friends

This year I decided to live with my seven best friends here at college. That’s eight people in one small space. We have four bedrooms, one bathroom, and one living room. It is not a lot of space by any means. In fact, I often wonder about the legality of this! So what have I learned so far from this experience, and should you live with your seven best friends next year?


The first thing that you need to understand about living with a lot of friends is that you will learn a ton about yourself. For example, I learned that I am an absolute clean freak. I sweep the floors as soon as I see a crumb, I get passive aggressive about dirty dishes left out too long, and I disinfect every surface at least once a week. I genuinely didn’t know that I was that much neater than most people.


The second thing that you should know about living with a large group of friends is that there are going to be some downsides, maybe even quite a few! Sorry to any of my friends that I live with who read this, but it definitely won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. For instance, there will probably be some gossiping and drama. You all live with each other and can’t avoid one another! It’s impossible for there to never be any problems between you all. It will happen sometimes. However, there are also a lot of positives to living with your seven best friends.


That brings me to the third point. There are so many positives to living with your large friend group! You can have movie nights, game nights, and venting nights. You always have people who are there to support you, and you will always be able to support your friends back! Even though you may want to kill the friends you live with for not picking up after themselves, you will also be grateful for your friends more often than you hate them. It’s actually so much fun to live with your friends despite the occasional negatives. I highly recommend living with your friends! 


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