Top 5 Guest Appearances on iCarly

Welcome back to another iCarly article for our special theme week! Now, you must be looking at the title wondering how this article is going to be different from other articles about guest stars on iCarly. Well, this isn’t another one of those ‘celebs you forgot were on iCarly’ articles. While those are great (and I did look at one for reference), I needed to narrow it down to the absolute best and most memorable guest stars (in my humble opinion).

After scanning a list of different celebrity appearances on the show, watching episode clips on Youtube for a refresher and remembering how much I used to love iCarly, I finally found my absolute five favorite guest stars on the show. Once again, this is completely my opinion, but I hope that you’ll find you agree with me about some of these amazing stars.

So, let’s go “in five, four, three, two …” 

  1. 1. One Direction (or Harry Styles)

    Of course, I had to start with the absolute best—One Direction! I was and still am a hardcore Directioner (yes, I still use the name). In the episode, the boys had agreed to perform on a webcast for the week. The episode shifts when Carly accidentally gets Harry Styles sick and  has to take care of him.

    Harry Styles is why One Direction has to be first. I’ve written an article dedicated to him, and it’s no secret he was and still is my favorite member of the band. I remember watching the episode, wishing that I could take care of a sick Harry (I was like 13 people. I know it’s weird now.), and hoping that my Mom would buy me One Direction tickets.

    In all seriousness, the performance of “What Makes You Beautiful” at the end of the episode was incredible and still makes me smile. That’s why I had to include it for your viewing pleasure! 

  2. 2. Michelle Obama

    I still can’t believe that the former First Lady of the United States appeared on iCarly. I also can’t get over the fact that she appeared on a webcast of iCarly and even participated in ‘random dancing.’

    While this episode is a lot of fun to watch, it spreads a wonderful message of being there for military families who have loved ones overseas. iCarly never saw too much of Spencer and Carly’s father who was in the military, but I think the lengths Sam and Freddie take to help Carly see her dad is amazing. 

    Here’s a clip of Michelle Obama saying pretty much what I just wrote.

  3. 3. Jane Lynch

    This probably won’t surprise anyone, but I’m a huge fan of Glee. When I learned that Sue Sylvester … I mean Jane Lynch would guest star on iCarly, I was super excited. I was bouncing out of my seat when I saw promos like the one below that explained Lynch would be Sam’s mother. It was even better that Sam’s mom would be super mean too.

    I couldn’t find any actual clips from the episode, but this video shows Lynch’s character on the show well. It also highlights her complicated yet very comical relationships with Sam. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

  4. 4. Jim Parsons

    I love Jim Parsons. I said it. I love The Big Bang Theory, too. I’ve been watching that show since I was at least 13, so when I saw ‘Sheldon Cooper’ on iCarly, once again I knew the episode would be amazing.

    Parsons plays a man locked in a mental institution who believes he is from the future and constantly makes ridiculous claims. Parsons made this character come to life, and I think you’ll all see that in the compilation video I found.

  5. 5. Drake Bell (or Drake Parker)

    One of the most mind-blowing guest stars was Drake Bell. He reprised his role as Drake Parker and referenced one of the biggest conspiracy theories Nickelodeon has ever seen: that Crazy Steve kidnapped Megan and killed her brothers from Drake and Josh.

    The theory is a wild one, and many people found it totally plausible. I never quite believed it, but iCarly brought Drake back from the ‘dead’ to question where he was and why Megan was with these people he didn’t know. Yes, it goes against the conspiracy, but it’s still such a comedic moment in the show. I wish I could have found a less blurry video, but at least you will get the idea of the scene.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the walk down memory lane. To end the article, you all know I have to do it.