Round Table: Fun Quarantine Hobbies

After almost a year in quarantine, many of us have picked up new hobbies or returned to old ones. Our writers decided to examine what we’ve done since the pandemic started.


Sarah Sharples

Spotify surfing! While the legitimacy of this hobby is debatable, it's proved very rewarding for me. I have begun to dedicate hours each week to making hyper-specific playlists, then editing and organizing them to achieve the precise vibe for which they were ordained. It's also nice to look at my friends' activity to see how they're doing. Gotta make sure no one person is listening to too much Phoebe Bridgers. 


Kiersten Coates

Cooking and baking has turned out to be my go to during quarantine. I’m sure so many people resort to this but there are just so many amazing things you can make! Personally, I’ve been trying to find the best healthy versions for baked sweets and easy low ingredient meals. It’s been nice working on my skills (which were extremely lacking pre-quarantine). The things you can make are endless!


Lily Connerton

While at the start of the pandemic I used my extra time at home to try some new baking recipes, a more recent quarantine hobby I have picked up is collaging. Every Sunday, I buy the newspaper, cutting out pictures, words and phrases that stand out to me as meaningful. In a journal picked up from Joanne's Fabrics, I then arrange items I feel go together, gluing them down. Not only is this a great and mindful way to spend some time, it has also proved to be a therapeutic way of processing various emotions and thoughts I may not have fully understood. 


Lucy Laats

Over quarantine I found a group to play D&D with! We meet once a week every week, and it's a great way to hang out with friends even when we can't meet up in person. 


Rebecca Williamson

I watched so many movies and TV shows. Then, I really fell in love with reading again. It felt like hugging an old friend. Since quarantine, I’ve probably read at least 50 books, and I’ve probably bought just as many too, despite my giant TBR bin. Thanks, Booktok …



Grace Burr

Many of my hobbies are similar to what I did before quarantine, but have intensified since then. From November-January (yes, after Christmas), I watched dozens of Hallmark and Lifetime movies with my mom. I have spent more time on tiktok, with my family and petting my dog. I have also taken way too many Tim Horton’s runs to clear my head and belt songs off of AppleMusic. That, and I have gotten back into writing which has been amazing. 


Margaux Carmel

If we pretend that I have any free time in my life between school and my two jobs, I would say knitting! I used to knit so often and now that we are forced to spend so much time at home, I would knit so much more often and maybe even learn how to make something more complex than a scarf or a very basic baby blanket. Maybe after graduation?


Mia Serritella

I got into what feels like everything: I embroidered, read, did puzzles, played new video games, built small electronics, played guitar, made my own vegetable stock, refined my cooking … The only hobby I’m missing is putting sailboats inside of glass jars. Truly anything that could keep me stimulated I sought out. The cool part is I’m still doing a majority of these hobbies, which has only made me feel like more of a well-rounded, layered person. I highly recommended getting a hobby or in my case, eight!


What hobby did you get into?