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Mouthwateringly Good Secret Menu Ideas at Geneseo


Secret menu ideas at Geneseo—inspiring students to make the most out of their meal-plans and become more creative in the process.


Mary Jemison is a place many Geneseo students have grown to love. Their variety of cuisines appeals to health nuts, standard Américain fast-food lovers and all those in between. Here are some unique options to order at your next visit:


  • During the fall season, consider making breakfast a little more festive by asking to substitute fruit for pumpkin purée (customarily used for pumpkin spice smoothies) in overnight oats. The purée adds another dimension to the flavor profile and makes the oats all the more creamy. Mmmmm … just the thought! 


  • After purchasing a breakfast option that appeals to you, head downstairs to the crepe bar and ask for a sprinkle of some cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup on the meal. These yummy extras boost sweetness and intensify the flavor of your breakfast.


Letchworth is my go-to place for smoothies and salads. No offense to other dining halls, but Letch just does things better. These are some ideas to add more pizazz to your next order:


  • Butcherblock’s salads are delightful and hearty standalone, but purchasing an apple, dicing it and tossing it into the salad adds crispness. As a healthy bonus, the added apple increases your daily fiber and phytonutrient intake. 


  • Smoothies at Letch are a delight—they’re more highly concentrated, fruit-full and larger than the smoothies elsewhere on campus. However, the lack of toppings offered is a sacrifice one must endure … until this tidbit of info: consider purchasing a granola bar or chocolate bar from the market, crushing the contents and adding the bits to top the smoothie. This will diversify the taste and keep you craving healthy options. 


Fusion market is my kryptonite. I find myself going there far too often; I’m just so in love. There aren’t as many clever hacks below because the food nears perfection. 


  • At the next Caribbean night, think about ordering a side of sweet potato fries and purchasing a package of hummus to dip them in. This adds a Middle Eastern flair and a cross-cultural element. Tangy hummus paired with carb-loaded sweet potatoes—could it be any better? I think not. 


  • To amplify the spice and flavor of your Mexican dish from Asada’s, consider purchasing packaged creamy guac. It’s an obvious suggestion but commonly overlooked.


  • This next idea isn’t a secret menu item, but rather a tip to maximize your meal plan. Stir-fries at Lotus are an absolute gustatory delight. To ensure there’s as much deliciousness as possible, ask to include all vegetables along with additional sweet potato cubes to add volume. Whenever I request this, my stir-fries are always overflowing out of the carton. Such a score!


Jacks is a convenient stop-by eatery for many freshmen like myself. Here are some suggestions to keep you craving more: 


  • A nifty way to enhance the texture and flavor of paninis is to layer in chips (Doritos, Fritos and sweet potato tortilla chips are all great options). I know, I know, it’s odd, but incorporating chips into paninis adds that oh-so-satisfying crunch. Chips pair particularly well with the Southwest panini.


  • Similar to the idea above, crushing tortilla chips and adding them to the soup du jour gives more substance to the meal and adds a crunch factor. 


I hope you try out one of these slightly unconventional pairings and make dining at Geneseo all the more enjoyable. 


Feel free to email me your reviews and any hacks that you have picked up along the way. I’d love to do another installment of this!

Riley Backus

Geneseo '23

I'm a freshman IR major who loves anything creative :)
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