Flora: The App That Saved My Life



Like most college students, I tend to have difficulties with procrastination. I’ve tried multiple ways to try and fix this issue, such as trying to put my phone down, studying in other rooms and even attempting to budget my time. However, it wasn’t until recently that I was able to find a method that actually works for me. This method is called Flora.


Flora is an app that helps with procrastination. Flora allows you to set a timer for however long you like, and then you set down your phone and go to work. You can’t open your phone during that period, because if you do, you will kill the plant you are growing. Killing a plant for the first time made me feel guilty enough that I vowed to never hurt an innocent virtual plant again.


(Quick note: I made a Facebook account in order to use this app. As you know, my name is not actually Rich Mungus.)


Flora allows you to choose from a variety of plants, which are unlocked through completing certain tasks. You can plant apples, orchids and more. Every successful period of not using your phone allows you to put your plant in a garden for the week, which gives a visual representation of your hard work. It also allows you to give tags to the periods of productivity, so you’re able to see how much time you spent engaging in social activities, working out or studying.



Unlike many other progress apps, Flora also has two unique aspects. You can find friends through Facebook and view their progress, and even grow trees together if you’re working on a group project, for example. Also, you are given the option to grow a real tree anywhere in the world, which is obviously really helpful for the planet.


Flora is available on the App Store and for Android. It has been an extremely big help to me, and I hope it can help you too!




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