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Finding the Courage to do What You Want to do, Despite what Others May Think

Last week, I decided to start a new segment on my lifestyle Instagram account and Tiktok called “Thoughts with K” where I give my two cents on random topics about  life advice and motivation. 

Since I created my account in May 2020, it quickly turned into a complete foodie account. Although I do love food and sharing recipes, it was never my intention to fall into that specific niche. I had envisioned my page to be more about overall lifestyle, with a focus on personal growth and my constant journey to being the best version of myself through holistic health, fitness and nutrition. 

Posting my “Thoughts with K” video was the first step to finding my courage to turn my page into topics I am more passionate about. For the longest time I have let fear get in the way of what I really want to do: fear of the unknown, fear of failure and most importantly fear of what other people will think of me. I still have to constantly work on my confidence, but I came upon some words of wisdom that have really helped me and I’m here to share them in hopes that they’ll help someone else too.

The key to finding the courage to do what you want to do is to remember that you can never please everyone. This is a well known idea, but for some reason we choose to ignore it. Why would you put so much time and energy towards other people that you’ll never be able to satisfy in the end? 

Instead of worrying about what other people will think, take that energy and put it towards yourself! Put in the work doing things that you’re passionate about in order to be who you want to be. Not everyone is going to support you and that’s something I am still working on accepting, but guess what? You do not have to care. Let me repeat that for the people in the back, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CARE!

Now, don’t get me wrong focusing on yourself and not caring about what others think of you is significantly easier said than done. Trust me I know, but once you get that mindset down and figure out where your energy is draining to, you can switch it around and be unstoppable. 

Start with becoming aware of the things you are holding back. The first step to change is accepting that you need to, and the second step is taking action. So go out and do what you’ve been putting off for so long. Be unstoppable.

Just a girl who loves all things holistic health, fitness, and lifestyle! Here to share about the things that bring me joy. Enneagram 9w8