Cute Phone Games that Help Me Forget All of My Responsibilities

Sometimes a busy and stressed college student needs some distractions. Here are some of the games I’ve been playing to get my mind off schoolwork.


1) ​“Best Fiends”

Similar to “Candy Crush” and overly sponsored by Youtubers, in “Best Fiends” you have to defeat the slugs using your colorful characters. I’m at level 130, and I should probably stop and start using this time to study.


2) “Subway Surfers”

This game is simply about being chased by a guy and his dog. You can customize your character and your hoverboard that saves you from crashing into trains and being caught. I play this game whenever I’m bored, usually waiting for food or for a class to start.


3) “Line Birds”

Is it a rip off of “Flappy Bird?” Yes. Do I still enjoy it and let it distract me from upcoming papers? Also yes.


4) “Fruit Ninja”

A classic! In this game, fruit pops up on the screen and you just have to cut it in half. Don’t hit the bombs! This is better for taking a quick break from work because it has arcade mode and zen mode that are timed. But you can also play classic mode that will let you play until you either drop three fruits or hit a bomb.


5) “Original Casanova” (Giraffe Game)

Honestly, this game just relaxes me. The giraffes are adorable, the music is soft and I just feel at peace.


Sometimes, distractions from stress can be helpful to get your mind off things, if only for a few minutes.  Good luck trying to study!


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