Academia Out of Context, Part 3: “KOREAN JESUS???” 

Once again, we Her Campus at Geneseo are back to provide you with more quotes and more fun from our favorite professors on campus. 


Let’s get this started!


“There are 192 billiard balls in the world today.”
“If you put anything on the side of a bus British people will believe it.”
“I’m a terrible mother so I make up for it by being a good professor. Here’s your quiz.”
“Who here has had cabbage this week?” 
“You guys should drink a glass of wine, maybe red wine, to loosen up so your drawings are better.”
“Love doesn’t exist, it’s just a series of neurochemicals telling you to leave a legacy.”
“I lost my wedding ring in the Eastview mall.”
“When my daughter wouldn’t eat her clementines, I showed her pictures of scurvy so she’d eat them.”
“Yeah, so you see all these babies who look like burritos with hats on just sitting outside.”
“You don’t know alcohol. You don’t know how to drive. You guys are no fun.”
“Whenever I open up a walnut, I think, ‘That looks like a brain with Alzheimer’s.’”
Student: “I love your new tattoo!” 
Professor: “Thanks! I’m getting a divorce so it’s just another life change.”
“We’re going to pretend I’m capitalism. Hi, I’m capitalism! Fuck you.”
“If we end up a dystopia, I blame sports.”
“Okay guys so today I’m gonna be a bit of a Nazi.”
“Anyone here tried peyote?” 
“Go have a kid. Come back in nine months.”
“They scan your groceries at Wegmans, they don’t try and fight you.” 
“Can you tell I have a type A personality? Yeah that’s just me … my wife hates me.” 
“Yeah they gave a shirt that says ‘I love Vagina’ ... haha great humor.”
“Military porn talk seems to be Trump’s strategy.” 
“So maybe after trick or treating sit down and think about East Asian politics for a little while.” 
“Obviously there’s nothing romantic about setting off chemical weapons.”
“If you go completely off the rails and start throwing things at other people, I will not give you full credit.” 
“Now we mark the harvest with the arrival of the pumpkin muffin at Tim Hortons.”
“I’m sorry. I was thinking about parents having sex.”
“He was like a pregnant woman. He ate for two.” 
“You know that I am emotionally a two-year-old.”


Don’t you just love professors?