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“All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney.


Many don’t know this, but as a student at either a junior college or university, you have the opportunity to join the Disney College Program! The DCP is a program where students can either work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida or the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. While working, students will have the opportunity to live at Disney, they provide housing and have the rent taken out of weekly paychecks. While living, learning, and earning for the mouse, participants will gain experience that cannot be found anywhere else. They will also get to create magic for the thousands of people that come to the parks each day.


After graduating the program, students have the opportunity to join the Disney Alumni program which opens the door to many more opportunities with the Walt Disney Company down the line. As a graduate from the program, I have made friends from around the world with whom I have made memories that will forever change the way I look at the world.


While working for the mouse, you also have the opportunity to enjoy your free time in the parks, have discounts on hotels, and have the ability to see how the magic is made. The next application period for new Disney College Programmers is going to be for the Fall of 2018. Taking a semester off of school might seem daunting, thankfully, with GCU, students are technically “Studying Abroad”, also Disney offers its interns to take classes with them that will count towards school credit.


The application process consists of filling out personal information on the their website at www.disneycollegeprogram.com and as well as taking an online questionnaire. If you pass that stage applicants will be offered the ability to schedule a time to have a phone interview with a recruiter. After the nerve-wracking time it takes to figure out whether or not you have been accepted or not the fun part begins for those who have been accepted.


While working in the park, the application gives you many options to choose what you could do for the company, from character performer, merchandiser, housekeeping, or ride operator, you can basically do anything for the company. The hours will not be easy, and the job can be tedious but the best part of being a part of something so big is that a Disney family is always one that sticks together. What would otherwise be a normal job changes into being an exciting one. Even on a bad day, hearing fireworks outside of your store or ride is always a plus. No matter where you are within property, everyone is happy to see you.


As an alumni, the Disney college program is the best way to learn how to live on your own. It gives you the opportunity to not only make your own money but to fully rely on yourself, which is a great experience, especially for those who are still dependent..


 When leaving the program, you will take a new look on life that has the slightest touch of magic to it along with you. Not to mention how your experiences will look on a resume when applying for different internships. Additionally, Disney then offers Professional internships for those who wish to go further in the company. I have yet to report on how the Professional Internships are in comparison but from what I’ve heard it’s an experiences that could really make a career at Disney a reality. Take the time during your college career to enjoy the finer things in life and the magic that is in everything Disney, get emailed about sign ups here. And remember, adventure is out there!

From Southern California and is currently a English Major in University. I strive to see magic in all things that our earth provides.
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