What it's Like to Attend a Christian University

Going to a Christian University is quite different than going to any other university. 

If you are a Christian, then a Christian college would be a good fit for you because you would be surrounded by people who share your same morals and values. You have the opportunity to connect with people and make friends that share your same religion, which gives you more things in common and helps give you a better connection to people.

Everyone is incredibly nice, and everyone supports one another. If anyone notices that you are struggling in any way, they will go out of their way to help you. There is so much support, people offer prayer, or a helping hand if you need it. Everyone on campus has a mutual understanding of one another and realizes that we all have relatively the same moral values whether or not they are Christian, either they were Christian at one point or they are now, or not at all, but in a Christian type community, people tend to hold Christian like values and morals no matter their beliefs. It is comforting to know that you are surrounded by people who share your same interests and moral values and that have relatively the same outlook on life as you do. You are always supported in whatever it is you want to pursue in life.  

There are so many opportunities to discuss Christianity and it is encouraged to openly talk about the Lord and to praise Him in public. There are multiple different communities that give the opportunity to further grow in your faith. You have the opportunity to grow as a person, learn who you are and what you want to do with your life, not only do you find yourself in regard to your career, or path in life, but also spiritually and you figure out what God’s plan is for you, and where He wants to take you. 

Each class has set standards that the professors have to live up to. They have to teach with good, Christian values in mind. They respect their students and are very helpful and are willing to work with their students one on one. Religion is openly discussed in the classroom and everyone is welcome to share their beliefs and opinions. 

Going to a Christian university gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people as well as grow in your faith. You have opportunities to become closer to the Lord and learn how to implement your faith into your everyday life as you learn to become more independent and learn how to live your life on your own. You are given so much support as you go through learning how to live your life on your own and as you become an adult. College gives you the opportunity to realize who your real friends are and the important people that you need in your life and going to a Christian college really helps to build those relationships with the people that you need the most in your life.