Thrill of it all: Music Review

On November 3, pop sensation Sam Smith debuted his newest album The Thrill of It All, which includes fourteen brand new singles. Smith, who is no stranger to heartbreak, pours his heart and soul into the album and makes it clear that he is bringing his A game.

The album, which took three years for Smith to construct, has proven to bring recognition from many across the globe; it seems as though every individual is finding some way to relate a song off the album to his/her life. This isn’t hard to do, however, when Smith does a great job in including songs of heartbreak, moving on, and even a parent’s divorce.

Listed below are the fourteen songs broken down with a quick summary.

  1. Too Good at Goodbyes

  • A song about a relationship that is already doomed because Smith sings “I'm never gonna let you close to me even though you mean the most to me 'Cause everytime I open up, it hurts.” Smith’s previous heartbreaks and issues with abandonment has left him hard-hearted in the love department.

  1. Say It First

  • Due to past experiences, Smith is expressing that he needs reassurance that this is love. He needs to hear first those three special words. He exclaims that “If you love me, say it first.”

  1. One Last Song

  • He can’t get over his former lover. Things ended badly, but this is his last farewell to him. It was a bitter-sweet kind of love, but Smith uses this as his closer.  

  1. Midnight Train  

  1. Burning

  • Post break-up, Smith sings about how he is left with “no insurance, to pay for the damage” that his former lover caused when he left him. Because of this, he feels as though “the fire replaced all the love,” causing him to burn after the relationship from all the hurt.

  1. HIM

  1. Baby, You Make Me Crazy

  1. No Peace

  • “No Peace” is the only song only the album that features another artist: YEBBA. The song is a duet between Smith and Yebba that follows both of them not being okay with the break-up, and being unable to move on because their hearts are broken; “you held my heart in your fingertips, So now I drown in my bitterness.”

  1. Palace

  • He loved and he lost, but it was still something special because according to Smith “real love is never a waste of time.” In the end, he’ll miss his lover but has hope that he will find love again; he learned from this experience.

  1. Pray

  • “Pray” is a very powerful song in which Smith exclaims times are getting scary, and even though he may not go to church, all that is left to do is pray.

  1. Nothing Left for You

  • Probably one of the hardest songs to listen to on the album because it is sung with so much pain. Smith believes he will never love again, even though he has moved on to someone new. He sings “I gave My heart to a god**** fool I gave him everything Now there's nothing left for you.”

  1. The Thrill of It All

  • Smith reminisces on a past relationship where he can’t help but remember how great it was, and the thrill of what was their relationship.

  1. Scars

  • Looks at a divorce of two parents, and instead of seeing it as being negative is one of the happiest songs on the album. With the verse “it's a lifelong lesson and I'm not pretending when I say, You cleared up my scars,” Smith shows the positive side of what can become of a separation, and a family does not always have to be torn apart.

  1. One Day at a Time

  • The song focuses on disconnecting from social media and the business of life, and just enjoying life one day at a time.



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