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Ten Minute Reset to Better Your Mind & Body

Have you ever found yourself feeling uninspired, stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted throughout your day? Typically, we are prone to distract ourselves by looking on our phones or watching an episode of TV, but most times what can help your mind and body better is a daily 10-Minute Reset. You might be wondering what that even means, which is why I am here! 

I was browsing on Pinterest (as I mentioned we do) and came across a practice that has been found to be effective in helping your mind refocus and realign. A 10-Minute Reset will give you the connection and attention that you are needing as well as help you strive throughout your day! 

A 10-Minute Reset is not what you think. Eating a little treat, watching a quick tv episode, or browsing on your phone is not the best-known way to help reset your feeling on stress, exhaustion, etc… You have a short moment where you are really connecting with your mind and body. This strategy is a way to make time for you – to give yourself love and attention in an inward way rather than with an outward source. 

How to do the Ten-Minute Reset:

  1. Set a timer for 10 minutes
  2. Put down your favorite blanket or a yoga mat 
  3. Listen to soothing music, guided mediation, or if you prefer, nothing at all 
  4. Give yourself 10 minutes of undivided attention with no expectations
  5. Continue on with your day with more energy, grace, and patience

Take these 10 minutes alone with yourself. This time can involve music, prayer, or centering yourself through mantra. It can even look like taking time to read, journal, take a nature walk, swim, soak in the sun, be creative, or do anything that you find to be therapeutic. 

Take this time to connect with your body and mind. Don’t set any expectations, just be alone with yourself. It’s your way to reset your day so that you feel ready to finish it strong! Challenge yourself to pick a time of day that you are able to take 10 minutes for yourself. It’s possible that that time can change every day, but try to pick some time for today or tomorrow to give your mind and body this space. Make it a priority and something that you can look forward to. One tip that I found to be helpful in ensuring that I give myself this time was to treat it as if I have planned to meet someone important that I absolutely can’t miss (because I am important)! Your mind and body need love and attention, even just for a short 10-minutes a day. 

Remember that practicing the 10-Minute Reset strategy is going to look different for everyone, and it’s all about giving yourself undivided attention! 

I’m a Junior at GCU working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I love learning new things and being creative 24/7. A few of my hobbies are running my small business, singing, dancing (badly), playing with my pup and enjoying the amazing people I surround myself with!
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