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One specific genre of music that has gained a lot of popularity over the years is Lo-Fi music, short for “low-fidelity.” A key individual that is known to have pioneered this genre of music is Japanese DJ and producer Nujabes. Nujabes combined jazz, hip-hop, and electronic elements to generate what is known today as lofi music, which is why lofi music is generally associated with Japan.

Many of the lofi albums that are produced are recorded to contain what has been known as “intentional imperfections.” These imperfections consist of misplaced notes, environmental noises, low hums and even phonographic audio noises. With that being known, lofi music commonly tends to be music that people like to listen to for either sleep or relaxation; however, some research shows that lofi brings about several other benefits. Specifically speaking, lofi music targets the frontal lobe of the brain. This part of the brain is focused on higher cognitive functions. These include memory, emotions, impulse control, problem-solving, social interactions and motor functions. The following are some benefits to listening to lofi that impacts the frontal lobe of the brain:

Improved Cognitive Ability

A study was conducted at the Manila University, where researchers sought out conclusions pertaining to the effect that lofi music or music that is non-lyrical would have on the memory of the participants of the study. The conclusion of the research found that the participants who listened to either lofi music or non-lyrical music would score significantly higher on assigned specific tests. It is hypothesized that this is the case because lofi music helps the brain’s frontal lobe to focus better. The way the music is constructed with a slow rhythm, soft hums, and looping drum beats helps put the mind in a better state of focus and not get so easily distracted. 

Mood Elevation

There have been countless studies conducted to better understand the impact that music can have on one’s mood. Studies across the board looking at various types of music such as sad, slow music, or upbeat, happy music has shown to improve the mood of the individual listening. So much research supports the conclusion that music increases one’s mood that music is commonly used as a form of treatment. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is used for individuals seeking to manage their stress, improve their memory, or relieve pain. This also applies to lofi music. In addition, researchers have seen an increase in Dopamine and Serotonin, which can improve one’s mood while reducing Cortisol, which is a hormone responsible for stress.

Calming Effects | Reduced Anxiety

As stated prior, lofi has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, which helps in reducing the anxiety that one experiences. This is due to a concept known as “cocooning.” The idea of “cocooning” refers to the situation where the listening environment, in this case, the music, has subtle predictable sounds that repeat. This creates a relaxing headspace that allows the mind to zone out the outside environment and focus on a task.

While lofi music is a great genre of music to listen to, there are key benefits that are supported by research. Lofi music can be instrumental in so many ways that it is worth giving it a shot. Take a chance to experience the soothing beats with a relaxed and productive mind. 

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