New Years Resolutions

We are officially in 2020. It is a new decade, and the beginning of forever for so many of us here at Grand Canyon University. During this decade we will graduate from college, start a career, buy a house, build a family! A kid at heart always, yes, but from here on out, an adult in what we only knew as the “real world.”  How quickly it came, and how crazy that it is here for us to experience. With the beginning of the new year, and decade, I have made some of my own resolutions, as well as how I plan to uphold them. I hope you enjoy! 


1. Building Stronger Relationships with My Loved Ones

As I get older I feel as if my intuition has grown, in particular with those who have real, genuine intentions with me. Those who actually care and want to be present in my life are the people who I want to focus my energy on. I want to show up and do as much for them as possible to show my appreciation, and build an even stronger relationship with them. People come and go, but those who are meant to stay in your life do not, and I view those individuals as a part of God’s Plan for me. 

2. Becoming Closer to God 

In continuation to my first resolution, I want to become closer to God. By doing that I plan on praying more, as well as attending as many services as I possibly can. (If I had a dollar for every time I said “as” in that last sentence). In relation to my relationship with God, I want to strengthen that by volunteering and helping those in need. Giving someone or something your time is one of the best things you could contribute, because what they are lacking you could EASILY give. Time is everything, and it should not be wasted, which is why I want to spend it helping others, and praying to God. Giving Him my time will show him how loyal and serious I am about developing a deep relationship with Him. I am so grateful my family and friends give me so much of theirs, and seeing the positive impact it has had on my life, I want to be able to do the same. So, I plan on volunteering in my communities both here at GCU, and at home in Los Angeles. 

3. Listen to as Much Music as Possible 

I truly believe music feeds the soul and is one of the most powerful forms of expression. I want to hear how others feel and how they compose themselves through their music. Explore new genres just to become as aware and cultured as possible. How do I know I do not like a genre if I have never even given it a chance? That is why I want to branch out, maybe I will find something new that I love, or something new that was so bad that it literally made my ears bleed. But at least I would have tried, and that is all I want from myself throughout this new decade, is effort. 

4. Be as Active and Healthy as Possible 

Another resolution/goal of mine is to take as much care of myself, not only mentally, but physically as well. I want to become more active, go to the gym as much as I can, and find a workout regimen that I love. I also plan on attending the fitness classes provided by GCU, because it is not only a great way to help stay in shape, but could also be an opportunity to meet new people who have the same goal as myself. Surrounding myself with that same energy will undoubtedly help me to achieve my fitness and health goals. Yes, it is important to be self-motivated, but it is incredibly helpful to have a group of friends to help motivate you to achieve those aspirations. Teamwork makes the dream work baby!

5. Do Well in School 

Last, but not least, the biggest butt-kicker of them all, school. My goal is TO NOT PROCRASTINATE because all-nighters, meltdowns, and stressing over assignments is not the business, and it is honestly just unhealthy. By managing my time better and actually using my planner, I am going to eliminate and minimize the stress. I believe this will help me to turn in assignments with more thought, clarity, and quality.