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So, I am I the only one that’s not on to movie pass yet? To those who don’t know, movie pass promises one 2D movie a day with a payment of 10 dollars a month. The pass does not exclude any theater, or any day for the subscriber. Almost sounds too good to be true, I know. Not only have I been paying far too much a week to see a movie, but now I can watch multiple movies a month for the same price with this pass. Even for the casual moviegoer it’s a plus. I don’t know how long this is going to last, or how movies are getting their box office but for the moment I’m going to take the deal! As a child, I would go to the movies multiple times a month with my father and if we were to go to an IMAX showing we would be spending upwards of 50 dollars on tickets and concessions combined. Of course many people don’t go as gung ho on movies like my family does but if movie pass were a thing for us back then it could have saved us hundreds of dollars a year. Movie pass doesn’t work for any movie that’s 3D or in IMAX which is a bummer though it’s still a better deal than not having a pass at all. 

Drama surrounding the pass has been going down with certain AMC theaters nationwide (To be expected). According to deadline.com movie pass no longer works at some AMC theaters. Movie pass claims that since the theater isn’t getting the money from ticket sales anymore that they will get it from concessions which might explain why a small slurpee at the movie theater is now more than 6 dollars… ouch! So is it worth it to not pay for the ticket but for an overpriced drink and bucket of popcorn? 

All depends on the person, but I definitely need to sign up for one soon. 

Movies not only bring people together but inspire art for millions. A movie could be a fun time, an intimate experience, or even a scary one. Movies not only let us see into the lives of others, but allow us to feel things that we would not have felt otherwise. I feel a certain way just as many others do, some can’t stand to sit in a movie theater. To my surprise, they become bored with what’s playing in front of them as well as grossed out by the seats they are sitting on. Which is relatable, who knows what has happened on them. But the smell of fresh popcorn and the fizz of a ice cold soda in your hands is unbeatable. 

The more popular alternative to going to the movies is streaming online, and *gasp* watching films illegally! Streaming does come in handy especially when you don’t want to leave your house or bed, but date night would not be the same without fandango and the cinema.  So go out and have fun! With so many blockbusters out right now, the options are endless! 

From Southern California and is currently a English Major in University. I strive to see magic in all things that our earth provides.
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