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The Art of Self Love
The Art of Self Love
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Learning How to Love Yourself

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The journey to self love is a long one, and it’s not easy. In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, it can be hard to be truly content with who we are. It can feel like we are never enough when all we do is criticize and compare ourselves. Self love is important because at the end of the day the only person you have is you. Here are some reminders that will help you start your journey towards self love and acceptance.

1. Social media is fake

Living in a society where social media is around us, can make loving yourself really difficult. While scrolling through social media, it can be easy to compare ourselves to celebrities and other people we see online. When every photo we see is someone with the perfect body or the perfect life it can be hard to not want what they have. It is important to remember that social media is fake, and most of the photos we see are heavily edited and photo shopped. We also never know what the person in the photo is going through, they could feel just as insecure taking the photo as we feel when we see it. This just proves how deceiving social media can be and how we never know what really goes on behind the camera. Limiting social media usage can be a really impactful step in preventing comparison to others online. When we take a step back from social media it allows us to realize that there is more important things than how many likes you got on your recent post.

2. everyone has insecurities

Whenever we see someone we are envious of, it can be easy to feel like we are the only one with insecurities, but in reality everyone feels insecure. It is human nature to want what we cant have, and that results in comparing and being jealous of others for the qualities that they possess. When we get out of our own head and realize that most people have their own insecurities and troubles we can ultimately express gratitude and love towards ourselves in a positive way. No one is perfect and it’s important to remember that everyone has their own set of flaws, that’s what makes us human.

3. you are special and unique

There is not one person in the whole world that is exactly like you. We are all so special and unique in our own way and it is important that we embrace our differences. Every person has gone through struggles and hardships but has persevered through them. We should all be proud of ourselves for the things that we have gone through. We are all such capable strong people and we are doing a disservice to ourselves by not realizing how amazing and unique we are. Self love is deeper than just accepting and appreciating the way we look, but it also means accepting ourselves for the way that we are. That means accepting the small quirks and traits that define us. Self love is recognizing and being grateful for how beautiful we are on the inside and out.

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