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How to Stay Motivated for the New Semester


There is no doubt that you’ve got this and that you are ready and ambitious for the upcoming

semester here at Grand Canyon University. Along with that confidence, or perhaps lack of confidence, comes a multitude, or in lope terms, a stampede of classes, with overlapping deadlines, social events, basketball games, and oh what was that other thing…? Having a planner has proven to have significant results. Not only do they help with managing one’s time, but it has proved to produce an increase in productivity because when one writes something down and sees a physical, constant reminder of what has to be done, the likelihood of the task being accomplished is high.  Whether the task be little or small, by scheduling and doing it takes away from further, future stress, and in turn creates productivity, and a feeling of self-accomplishment! Also, by eliminating any minor or major part of the said schedule, such as an assignment, it will make more time for social events. Instead of luckily remembering to do an assignment last minute, the stress is lifted, the assignment is done and you are able to make that Zumba class with your friends or scream your Havoc head off at the basketball game!


Although exercise is well,  exercise, it is so important for physical and mental health.  From a biological standpoint, exercise releases these neurotransmitters that create a happy feeling called endorphins. You may or may not be thinking, “I do not feel happy running, if anything, I get my endorphins from running to the Lopes-mart and that is it!” Running to lopes mart is a start, sis, but there are so many other options then what exercise is typically associated with, such as endless running, tears, and a million-pound weights. As basic and cliché as it may sound, it is a matter of finding what you love. The school alone offers Zumba, Hip-hop, yoga, salsa, and even regular dynamic exercise classes for beginners. Exercise in its various forms has proved to improve moods acting as a stress reliever. Just putting in a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise into your routine will help benefit you on both a physical and mental level.

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Being in college, I too am guilty of this, feeling as if the world is on my shoulders, that now that I am here at this big arena, I need to grow up in point five seconds and become an adult overnight. Although it is true that adulting is unfortunately necessary, it is critical that we understand we are not alone and that it does not have to be an overnight process. There is guidance and always options. Seeking or needing help is not a sign of weakness; it shows how invested you are in digging into the root of your misunderstanding. By gaining outside assistance, you are also gaining another perspective, which is nothing to fear but something to hold onto for as long as you can. These resources such as professors, counselors, instructional assistants, etc., are here to help with the process of this “adulting.” They help prepare us for the real world through this four-year milestone and with their continuous help it is evident that none of us are alone. We have four years to grow not just one night.


There is literally a playlist for everything; from backyard bbq’s to funerals, access to a playlist is simply unlimited. It helps to focus or set a certain tone. Finding the right playlist or even creating your own for certain occasions, will prove to be extremely helpful. A playlist to work out, study, or even just to chill, music feeds the mind and acts as a catalyst for creativity and motivation. Why not partake in the gift this form of art has to offer our minds? It is both beautiful and beneficial.



Throughout history and present day there have been so many influential people and events, which in turn create the power and effect of words. As Steve Prefontaine said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the great.” Motivational quotes like these can drastically change the way you think, and handle daily obstacles. Finding inspiration in the words from others, whether it be from a civil rights activist or a passage from the bible aids in motivation and mindset. It is even possible to access these quotes/passages from apps such as, “Daily Quotes” and “Daily Bible Verses” that can help be a positive way to start off your day, along with creating the mindset to follow that.

My name is Brianna, I am from East Los Angeles, California, and am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Government with an Emphasis in Legal Studies at GCU! I also work as a sushi waitress. I love running, fashion, and binge-watching shows.
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