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As girls, we often run into minor inconveniences all the time because we lack the resources we need. For example, these inconveniences can be not having a hair tie on you or needing to get rid of a stain on your clothing. When these situations happen, it can cause your confidence to decrease and your anxiety to increase. Creating a girl emergency kit is a great way to manage these inconveniences and give yourself peace of mind. By having all your resources in one place, it becomes way easier to solve any small challenges you might face every day. All you need to begin is a makeup bag of any size you want. Below are some examples of what to put in your emergency kit.


  • Pads and tampons – This are a must-have for any girl! Having extra of these helps you be prepared all the time and gives you peace of mind when accidents may occur.

  • Band-Aids – This is great to have for when you might get minor cuts or scrapes. They can also be used for your feet if you plan on wearing heels that may become uncomfortable. 

  • Medication – Great to have on hand all the time for whenever and wherever. 

  • Sanitizer – Helps keep you healthy by preventing germs from spreading

  • Mini Deodorant – Good to freshen up if needed 


  • Hair Ties and Bobby Pins – It’s always good to have extra of these since they seem to get lost so easily!

  • Lip Balm/Chapstick – Helps make you feel more confident by preventing chapped lips

  • Blotting Paper – For those with oily skin, blotting paper can be used to reduce shininess on the face! Clean and Clear make some good ones that are easily portable!

  • Tide To Go Pen – I’ve never personally used this before, but I’ve heard good things about it. The pen can remove minor stains on clothing so it’s awesome to have on hand to save your clothes.

  • Makeup – Packing small essentials like mascara and a lip product are good ways to freshen up your appearance throughout the day.

  • Lotion – Great to have if you tend to have dry skin 


  • Dollar Bills and Quarters – It’s a good idea to have a small extra amount of cash on you all the time and quarters are also useful for certain purchases.

  • Gum/Mints – This is good to freshen yourself up throughout the day!

  • Rollerball Perfume – This may not be considered essential, but having a small amount of perfume on you can easily boost your confidence in some situations!

  • Tissues – Buying a small pack of tissues to keep in your kit is great to have on hand, especially in the winter when cold season begins!

  • Extra Contacts – For those who wear contacts and have extras at home, it may be a good idea to keep an extra pair with you for emergencies! Keeping a contact case and a small bottle of contact solution may also be a good idea. 


Hi! My name is Kirsten and I am from Peoria, Arizona. I am currently a freshman at GCU studying Hospitality Management. When I'm not studying at the library you can find me listening to music, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends.
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