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Here are some places in Phoenix that are having Toy Drives to help low-income communities give children a good Christmas.

You too can help by donating!

Many don’t see the major impact it can bring to a child’s life by just donating gifts. Even the smallest gift like a new pair of socks will bring a smile to a child’s face. A new pair of socks may seem like nothing but to a child in poverty, it is more than enough. The unfortunate are the ones with the most gratitude because they know they are lucky enough to have what they have.

Many also think when donating a gift to a child it has to be “expensive” or “new”, but that is not the case. The majority of these children do not care for the newest Playstation or name-brand items. They are just grateful to be getting something on Christmas day. There are many ways to donate. Donating does not necessarily mean buying gifts, you can also donate money to an organization. When donating a gift make sure that the item is in good and useable condition. Keep in mind that these children are fortunate enough to be getting something.

Arizona Helping Hands is an organization that provides foster children with gifts for the holidays. With the starting donation of sixty-five dollars that will provide a child with two brand new toys and a book. This holiday toy drive has been around since 1998 and is still continuing to bring smiles to children’s faces. Donate today at:


Marnie Toys For Tots Foundation is one of the top-tier charities in the United States. The United States Marnie Corps Reserves run the program. You are able to apply for toys, donate online, or donate a toy. Their mission is to collect unwrapped and gently used toys and provide them to less fortunate children. Toys For Tots is a true example of an honest and reliable charity. It has been around since 1947 and the program is still going strong. They have toy drives all around the United States. In Phoenix, there are multiple toy drop-off locations. On their website is a list of important information about everything you will need to know regarding donating or applying for toys. This foundation has impacted the lives of so many children during the holidays and they continue to make a difference.

Check out the website for more information:


According to a survey done by the Salvation Army, one in five families can’t afford to celebrate Christmas. This survey was conducted with 1,000 surveys asking those 18 years and older to respond to their survey across the country. Ten percent of people in the survey say they don’t go about celebrating Christmas with their kids. The Salvation Army aims to help 28,000 children per year in their Christmas events. Their services are geared to help give people the tools and support for positive change in the future.

After learning about these opportunities to help children in need, will you make a difference in their lives by gifting them with a present for the Holidays? There’s only one correct answer. Yes. After all, the Holidays are all about giving.

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