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Formidable Motivation

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“The most effective way to do it, is to do it”. These are some of the wisest words said in history by the legend, Amelia Earhart. In college, the lack of motivation can definitely be a struggle, and everyone is bound to experience it at some point. College is draining. It requires a lot of physical, mental and even spiritual energy to balance assignments, self-care, work, and a social life. Oftentimes we are too hard on ourselves and do not give ourselves enough credit for the hard work that we put in. There are some days where I want to put my pen down for good and give up on writing; or I will have second thoughts on becoming a teacher in the middle of a lecture. Here are a few ways to stay motivated throughout this semester:

  1. Realize You Are Unique

There is only one you, and that should be celebrated. Too often we focus on the negative qualities rather than positive ones, making it nearly impossible to let kind thoughts in. Remember how excited you were when you opened the letter from your university to find that you have been accepted? Keep that same enthusiasm and remember why wanted to come to college in the first place. All of the struggles that you are experiencing now, will pay off when you are doing what you love for a living. Breathe and know that it is okay to put yourself first.

  1. Hang with The Right Crowd

It is easy, especially as a female, to compare ourselves to others. There is nothing worse than being around people who will only gossip about you the minute you leave. When your friends treat you with genuine respect and loyalty, it makes you feel good as a person. If there is an ounce of mistrust, then that is a sign that your “friendship” is unhealthy. The most beautiful friendships are when both people build each other up mentally and spiritually. There is no greater motivation than seeing your friends cheer you on, even if it is for something that seems small.

  1. Acceptance of Failure

Let’s face it, the only perfect person to have ever walked this Earth was Jesus…we are not Jesus, therefore we are not perfect. We are all human and we are all flawed. We fail at things and we know that life can get messy, but that’s what makes it so beautiful. As a kid, I used to hate when my teacher told me that I got an answer wrong (some things never change). I was too hard on myself and worried too much about what other people would think. The people who love you will understand that you messed up and forgive you anyways, and if they don’t, they’re not worth your time. Accept your flaws and learn from them. Do yourself a favor and do not wait until last minute to complete those assignments or to talk to that friend.

  1. Breathe

When you are stressed, take a moment to step back and analyze your purpose. When everything feels as if it is going wrong, breathe, and look to the one who can make everything right.


Abbie Carnes is a Junior at Grand Canyon University. She is an elementary education major and believes that learning is the key to success. She has a strong passion for writing, drawing, reading, and music. Even with her strong tendency to wander, God always directs her paths towards his goodness.
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