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The fall season is finally upon us. Apple cinnamon candles are flying off the shelves, colorful autumn leaves have completely filled my Instagram feed, and the prominent pumpkin spice latte has returned in all its glory. I absolutely love the season of autumn. From pumpkin patch photoshoots to cozy fall fashion, the spiced scents and treasured memories will always hold a special place in my heart. Though among the other beloved seasons, like the beautiful months of spring and summer or the cozy months of winter, one season continues to be my least favorite: The season of waiting.

What does a season of waiting feel like for you? Some may busy themselves as a distraction to forget how long their season has felt. Others may tend to overthink all the possibilities that may arise if this season of waiting never ends. There are many ways that we may try to distract ourselves from the tiresome or lonely seasons of waiting, but what exactly are we to do about it?

Whether you are waiting for the anticipated email from your dream company, for that guy to actually talk to you, or for your professor to finally post the exam grades that you spent days worrying about, we have all experienced a wearying season of waiting. After one month of circling phone calls, I am happy to announce that I finally received my parking sticker in order to park at my university, without worrying about being fined. After a tense discussion during the past summer, I spent four months waiting to see if my best friend and I would ever be friends again, or, if we would decide to go our separate ways. Waiting can be painful, and yet, we continue to persist.

I hope you remember that it is more than okay to feel discontent in this season, and it can feel even more difficult to trust its timing. Sometimes we may need a few days to ourselves, feeling lonely and drained, in order to gain enough energy to push through. Though I hope you also remember, dear reader, that life is not a sprint. We may try to rush through each task that life tends to throw at us or jump into the next phase of life as smoothly as possible. But instead, and as cheesy as it sounds, life is more like a marathon. We may feel overwhelmed and underestimated during each season of waiting, but once the season of waiting is over, we can later reflect on how patient we were and learn how to wait for the next one. When I am in a season of waiting, I enjoy organizing what I know I can manage. Even though I am not in control during a season of waiting, I can always re-organize my bedroom, or encourage a family member or friend. Even though I have no idea who my future husband will be, I can always call up a friend to meet for coffee, and even feel safe to talk about it (I hope that you can do the same!). Finding projects to prioritize helps me keep my mind focused, to focus on the now.

The next time that you find yourself in a season of waiting, remember that each of our lives are not meant to be solely comprised of successes and achievements. As much as I would love to see you experience the happiness and highlights of your life on its own, it also took the lows in life to shape you into the incredible woman that you are today. (It took me and my friend four months of not speaking to become best friends again, with matching Halloween costumes planned this year.) So whether it has been months or years of being in your season of waiting or even just a few days, take pride in your patience and reward yourself for waiting. Treat yourself to a large pumpkin spiced latte, or paint some pumpkins with your girls! Remember who you are in this season of waiting for; you are waiting for you, so take good care of you.

Hello! My name is Chloe Conrod. I am a Junior attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems, and my home is in the rainy, yet beautiful, Washington state. I love neutral-tones, taking notes in my Bible at coffee shops, and I aspire to write a book of my own someday. I am greatly inspired by author, Grace Valentine, where I feel called to spread God's love and His promises to us!