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Finals Week Destressing

It is finally reaching that time of the year that all college students dread. With the holidays quickly approaching, that means deadlines for classes are approaching even faster. Not only does that mean that the end of the semester and the start of a new year are coming, but it also means that stress levels will begin to rise over time. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to live a stress-free life for the next couple of weeks as the year comes to an end!

  1. Get Enough Sleep

This cannot be stressed enough. Sleep is one of the most important things to have when you are a college student. If you lack sleep, it can have a greater and negative affect on your performance since you are lacking the focus you need to be successful. An average of 8 hours of sleep will do your mind right. If that is physically not possible for your body, taking a few power naps to help motivate you to work through your work will help you out.

  1. Utilize your Resources

There are tons of free resources on campus or even off campus that you can reach out to when you are in dire need of help to get you where you need to be successful in your classes. As college students, stress levels tend to rise when we see our grades fluctuate between borderline grades, that is when the stress really starts to build up. Luckily, at Grand Canyon University, there are many resources that can be used in order to help you succeed and to feel more confident with what you are studying. Need a place to study to get you out of your room? The library on campus is to be open for 24 hours. Using that as a place to get away from all of the distractions from roommates can help you become a little less stressed.

  1. Set a Schedule

Having a schedule is one of the most important things that you can have in order to be successful for the end of the semester. When you have so many things going on with different deadlines, it can get hectic. Setting up specific times for when you should get your work done is bound to help you become less stressed when the time comes to submit those assignments.

  1. Make Sure to Eat Right

This is another important one too. Eating right during finals week is important because we need to be focused on what is most important about what we put into our bodies. If we only eat junk food, then you are more than likely not going to be feeling your best. Focus on eating healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, or those things that are going to help you feel your best; however, it is definitely okay though to treat yourself as a reward for getting your things done!

By using these resources, the end of your semester can go by with ease and you can maintain your stress levels to a minimum. Setting time to find the balance that you need in your life will make things much easier and make you a happier person!

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