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For most, college is a place where you have new experiences, make lifelong friends, and realize what you want your place in the world to be. Unfortunately, many do not have a pleasant experience due to homesickness or just feeling isolated from everyone else. As a freshman at Humboldt State University I experienced that everyday. My roommate was my only friend and I was hers as well until she began new relationships with people. It was definitely the loneliest and most depressing experience of my life. Being away from family appears easy during high school. However, living without them is a transition that is rather difficult. During my freshman year of college, I barely left my room and this caused me to spiral into a depression which affected myself and my grades terribly. Getting involved within the community really helped me break out of my “shell” so to speak.

It was not until I transferred over to Grand Canyon University that everything started to go well for me. As soon as I came into GCU community I felt that there were people here that I could really connect with. GCU has so many ways that you can make your voice heard and communicate “your purpose” to the community. With it being a Christian School, I do not think that I have ever been in such a massive community where everyone wants to see each other succeed. My first semester here flew by and after my first semester, I decided to do the Disney College Program. When I came back I got back into a club that I was in (Friends of the Pen) and ran for President. 

I currently hold the President Position and I could not be happier. To all incoming freshman that are feeling alone, know that it will not last forever. Still rely on your family because they will be there for you. However, always remember that your university has so many opportunities for you to succeed. The best memories you will have when graduating college will be when you do something out of the norm, or when you make a fool of yourself in front of others. 

Key advice: 

  • Always go to club fairs, even if you do not want to go or if you are not evening planning on joining any clubs due to your schedule. Clubs not only help you meet new people but are great ways to network for future jobs. If you end up staying in the club,and hold a position in office it could look fabulous on a resume. I can’t promise that you will find everything that you are looking for, because in all honesty you might not. But it can’t hurt to get out there.
  • For the introvert, study groups are always an option. A group of like-minded people typically end up making good friends. You will be able to get homework and studying done while also meeting and connecting with new people. 
  • As a GCU student, the university holds Karaoke/movie nights almost weekly. 
  • Another way to get involved on campus is through sporting games. When first showing up to this school in the fall, I didn’t think I would enjoy watching a soccer game and it ended up being one of the best college experiences that I had ever taken part of. It seems that each year GCU teams are getting better and better. 

What I can say about my college experience so far is that it has been one of the best experiences of my life and It most definitely will be bitter sweet when I do end up graduating. To those who have yet to find their way, trust in yourself and move outside of your own comfort zone, you never know what you might achieve. 

From Southern California and is currently a English Major in University. I strive to see magic in all things that our earth provides.
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