Big Hearts Teaching Little Minds

            At this point in the semester, it is easy to feel as if you are being swallowed by a sea of assignments, projects and presentations. Everyone has an outlet to keep themselves sane in college, for me it is stepping onto the campus of an extraordinary elementary school. Much like Grand Canyon University, the minute that you visit this Grace Christian Academy, you can feel God’s presence wash over you. The sun’s rays illuminate through the trees, the school’s banners sway boldly in the wind and the staff greet the children with utter excitement.

            I am essentially there to just observe the teacher for my college courses, however, she provides me with the opportunity to attempt new lessons with the children, to see how well they comprehend the new material. Since I have been blessed with a creative mind, I try to teach children in a way that is fun and includes a variety of kinesthetic (hands on), visual and auditory learning.

            One way that I have been expressing my love for teaching is through my love of music. The beauty of working with a Christian teacher is that she incorporates Christian songs in her lesson plans; and to my surprise she asked me to lead the kids in worship. During our next class meeting, I picked up my guitar and had the kids echo me as we sang “This Is Amazing Grace” by Phil Wickham. I don’t know if you have ever heard children sing, but it has to be one of the most adorable sounds to be on this planet. They all have such unique and little voices, yet they all sing harmoniously.

            After attempting several lessons, the teacher sat me down and, with a sincere and tender voice, she explained to me that I have the “it” factor. The “it” factor means that I have the patience, perseverance and determination to educate students. A teacher’s main goal should not only be to expand the student’s thinking in academics, but in life as well. I could tell that she admired my passion because tears started to collect in her kind eyes. They need to be taught good morals, because goodness knows this world could use some more respectful, kind and trustworthy people.

            By having a Christian mindset, this will provide me with the patience, love, creativity, and wisdom, which are necessary characteristics to have as a teacher. Without these factors, the students and I would fall apart. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve God by leading these second graders in worship at an upcoming chapel service. I know that God has called me into this wonderful profession because the students get excited when I walk into the room. It is not always easy to have to wake up two hours before school starts with one of those hours spent in the car; but if I remember that I am going to teach kids something new and honor God, then that is a small price that I am willing to pay.