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The temperature in Phoenix is back up to 80 degrees and it’s getting closer and closer to summer. With the heat creeping up on us, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of the summer break. The thought of bikini season, not seeing your friends, and summer jobs can all be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. For us college students, we only get so many summer breaks left until we must step into the real world. Unless you’re going to be a teacher, summer break won’t last forever. We must make the most of our time left so here’s some different ways you can do that.

Summer starts now!

It’s going to be well over one hundred degrees before our break starts so why not start summer now? A terrific way to do this is to start lying out at the pool and chilling in the water. It is, however, important that you’re not wasting precious time trying to get a tan, because you still need to study. To make the most of a tanning session you must check the UV index. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the international standard measurement of the strength of the sun’s radiation at a specific place and time. Going out while the UV index is high, is key to getting a great tan! If you go out while the UV index is 1-3, you probably won’t get tan no matter how long you lay out for. If it’s from 4-7, you’ll get a nice tan, and you should make sure to flip every 30 minutes. If it’s 8+, you need to be careful. Don’t stay in the sun for too long, flip every 10 minutes and layer that sunscreen every 30 minutes to an hour. With tanning, consistency is key. The more you go out, the better the tan you’ll get. Don’t spend an entire day burning your skin off just to get it done quicker. Lay out, relax, and always wear sunscreen no matter what!

Set up those jobs and internships now

Getting summer jobs and internships feels like a race. Everyone is trying to get one the second they’re back home. There’s no need to race though when you already have interviews lined up before the break ends. Start calling to set up interviews now. Any employer appreciates an early bird, and you’ll appreciate it when you don’t have to stress about having to work at Walmart for 4 months. Apply everywhere, even if you don’t think you’re qualified. Apply to cute local places like cafes and boutiques. If you have a Trader Joes in your area, apply! They have great pay and it’s a fun place to work. Apply to be a waiter at a nice restaurant or to be a cart girl on a golf course. Both make great tips! You also don’t have to have just one job. Put out a post on your mom’s Facebook asking if anyone needs a house, pet, or babysitter. Everyone goes on summer vacations, take advantage and people will pay you to watch their stuff! There are a lot of opportunities to have a fun summer job that makes good money, just make sure you get to them first.

Prioritize your body

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to start that health kick you’ve been saying you’d get into for months. But where do you start? Setting a goal to drink a certain amount of water a day is a great place to start. Hydration helps with weight loss, it benefits your digestive system, your skin, hair, nails… everything! It’s especially important to drink a lot of water in the summer heat.

Another great way to start your health journey is to start eating more fruits and vegetables. It’s quite common for people to be picky about fruits and vegetables, but the more you enjoy, the easier it is to eat healthily. Incorporating foods you’re unsure of into your diet every day is an effective way to train your tastebuds to favor the flavor! Vegetables can also be cooked in a lot of different ways that make them taste good! Pinterest and Tik Tok are awesome places to find new recipes!

Getting exercise is one of the best ways to care for your body, keep yourself healthy and in shape. Exercise doesn’t have to be this crazy thing though. There can be this pressure to go to the gym and live this lifestyle surrounded by building physique. You are beautiful and looking like those gym girls on Instagram isn’t going to determine that. Exercise can be as easy as taking a walk every day or going on a bike ride. Another terrific way to get exercise is trying fun workout classes like yoga, Pilates, cycling, or Zumba if you like dancing. Free classes are offered on GCU’s campus! Finding workouts you can do at home on YouTube is also a great way to get exercise in your day.

Explore your interests

Summer is the perfect time to find a new hobby that you love or to explore a hobby you already love but don’t get enough time to do. Maybe you want to read more, start painting, try skateboarding or surfing. Maybe gardening is something you’re interested in, or you want to give social media influence a go. Podcasting, juggling, writing music, cooking, playing guitar, trying a new sport, etc. There are so many cool things you can learn about and who knows, it might spark something in you! Even if it doesn’t, learning new skills is fun and a great way to expand yourself and meet new people.

Starting to figure out how you want to spend your summer now is important so you can get the absolute most out of it. There are so many ways you can do that, and these are just some thought starters. Remember to prioritize yourself, have fun, and wear sunscreen!

Hey, my name is Abigail LaCombe. I'm a third-year college student at GCU studying professional writing for new media, with a minor in advertising, and graphic design. I really enjoy writing on pop culture topics, specifically music and movies. They're both things that have defined so many aspects of my life and I think it's important to talk about. I hope you enjoy my articles:)
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