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A Fresh Space for a Fresh Headspace in 2022

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With fresh resolutions and intentions in mind, college students return to a space that is in the same state they left it in. A space that mirrors the week of finals as the first semester came to an end. With the second semester’s whirlwind approaching, it’s important to create a space that matches and supports the new mindset and goals we have going into it. When the door to the outside world shuts, and the laptop is closed, and the homework is done for the night, there should be a space that is inviting, calming, and secure. 

Head to toe cleanse

The first step to starting fresh is a deep clean. There’s something uniquely satisfying and freeing about a glistening and glowing bathroom, fresh sheets, a dust free room, and a clean and organized area. So do that laundry, mop, and vacuum, and tidy up the apartment. The floors don’t have to sparkle; it’s the peace of mind that comes with cleaning that makes it all worth it. Even more, a clean space makes room for new inspiration and creativity.

It’s not a shower. It’s a sanctuary.

A girl’s headspace and a shower go hand in hand. When it comes to obtaining a fresh headspace, the shower is THE space to be. Therefore, the ambiance must not disappoint. Eucalyptus understood the assignment and is here to change the shower game. While the small green leaves of the Australian plant decorate the shower with a calming presence, the steam of the hot water releases an essential oil that fills the room. Eucalyptus oil is known to help reduce stress, blood pressure, and congestion. Find a Eucalyptus bundle at Trader Joe’s and hang it on the shower head for a whole new shower experience.

Furnish and finesse

On-campus apartments have their perks, but they don’t offer a lot of privacy and don’t make it easy to cover up messy living habits that one can usually get away with. With open-faced storage cabinets, doorless closets, and bathroom sinks out in the open of the hallway, it’s hard to keep the living areas looking clean and put together. Curtains are an easy way to fix that. Sheer curtains cover up what’s behind them with a minimal look. They can be a practical item or a magical touch for any room. 

A pop of life and color

During the next grocery run as roommates, buy a bouquet of flowers to put in the common area. Everyone can pitch in for a fun arrangement that expresses the season or mood of the week. Artificial flowers are easy and permanent, but fresh flowers bring a different characteristic to the space every time. They can be something new to look at and appreciate, which is much needed with strict schedules and routines. Hardworking students deserve flowers anyway. 

Don’t start this semester in a space that still reflects last year’s mindset. Create a space that refreshes and inspires you to seize the new day, the new semester, and the new year ahead. 


Savannah studies English with an emphasis in Professional Writing at GCU. Her dog and the California coast back home sum up her passions. She loves discovering more about this world through the process of writing and sharing her words with others!
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