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What We Missed About Milly

Welcome back to the first few weeks of the spring semester! It can be hard to head back to school after the holidays, but there are quite a few things we love about Milledgeville that you just can’t get anywhere else! Here’s our list of the top things we missed about Milly over the break!

  • The food

Picture courtesy of SweeTreats’s Instagram page. Follow @sweetreatsmilledgeville.

Culture much? Milly has great local dining options, with tons of different choices for cuisine, atmosphere, and price range. Plus, a lot of restaurants have special winter deals and menu items, like this specialty frozen hot chocolate from SweeTreats Bakery & Ice Cream Parlor downtown. Yum…it makes me want to melt just looking at the picture!

  • “Winter” weather

Image belongs to the Walt Disney Company.

Even a lot of places in Georgia got snow this season, but lovers of Southern heat can count on good old Milledgeville to average sixty to seventy degrees in Jaunary! Pull out your comfy sweatshirt for the semester, and leave the mittens at home!

  • Getting back into the swing of things

Image belongs to NBC.

Admit it: a small part of you missed the hustle and bustle of classes. I mean, maybe that part is really, really small– but it’s there. It felt pretty good when you bought some new pens and a fresh notebook to start this semester off right. On your mark, get set, start highlightin’ that brand new 2017 planner!

  • Downtown charm

Picture courtesy of Georgia College’s official Instagram page. Follow @georgiacollege.

The beginning of the spring semester is the perfect time to take a walk in our beautiful downtown. We have breathtaking architecture, cute little boutiques, great shops, and lots of history everywhere you look! I would suggest checking out the Old Governor’s Mansion, or Flanney O’Connor’s estate, Andalusia. Those are two places that really highlight the peaceful air of our favorite town.


What have been your favorite things to do on campus been since getting back? Let us know on Instagram @hercampusgcsu with  #HomeSweetMilly and #WelcomeBackBobcats!

Emma is a freshman Rhetoric major at GCSU. She loves David Bowie, the Muppets, Walt Disney World, and countless 80s cult movies. When she's not doing homework, you can find her journaling, watching Netflix, eating Halloween candy, or getting down in Zumba class at the Wellness Center! You can follow her on Instagram @razzleydazzley.
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