Spring Has Sprung! DIY Guide

It has finally started to warm up a little here on GC's campus (and by warm up, we of course mean that it's no longer 60 degrees - brrrrrrr!) and what better way to celebrate spring's arrival than with some flowery Pinterest projects? Whether you need some inspiration for an Easter basket, a May Day gift, or just a wreath to liven up that boring ol' front door, here are some cute and simple DIYs perfect for spring fever.

This wreath is perfect for Easter, which is right around the corner, and looks good enough to nibble on even if you're not a rabbit. Plus, the only materials you'll need to out and buy are the fake flowers and ribbon! Created by Holly Tompkins.

These colorful hyacinths are made with rolled cardstock! They don't take much time to make, and are a super cute pop of color for your windowsill. Created by Debbie Chapman.

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom would let you paint with shaving cream on a table? Well, this combines that with the ever-so-popular marble trend. And this one is so easy, a five-year-old could do it. In fact, maybe this is a craft geared toward...well...a younger age range. But look at that messy chic pattern! You tell me you wouldn't find a hanging garland exactly like this in the decorating aisle at Target. Created by Kelly Meier.

These painted rocks are a great little craft if you love the succulent aesthetic, but lack the capability to actually keep them alive. I definitely have a list of a few people to send this one to. Created by Tenesha Zinne.

Sunflowers have a bit more of a summer vibe than spring, but we all know how soon summer arrives in Georgia! By May it'll be 90 degrees every day, and this burlap sunflower wreath will look right at home on your door! Created by Julie Oxendine.

If you make any of these adorable DIYs, be sure to post pictures of your creations and tag us @hercampusgcsu on Instagram! Happy crafting!